How do you conjugate the verb tocar in Spanish?

How do you conjugate the verb tocar in Spanish?

Tocar is a Spanish regular ar verb meaning to touch….Tocar Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo toco
él/ella toca
nosotros/as tocamos
vosotros/as tocáis

Do you conjugate tocar?

Conjugations for Tocar Luckily, tocar is a regular verb in all tenses and follows all the regular conjugation rules.

What is the conjugation for tocar with yo?

Tocar in the Indicative Preterite Tense

Subject Pronoun Indicative Preterite Tense Translation
yo toqué I touched/played
tocaste You (informal) touched/played
él, ella, usted tocó He, she, you (formal) touched/played
nosotros nosotras tocamos We touched/played

What verb is tocar?

The Spanish verb tocar comes from the same source as the English verb “touch” and often has that meaning. Among many other meanings, it is also used for “to play” a musical instrument. When it means “to be emotionally touching” or to refer to taking turns, tocar is used with an indirect-object pronoun.

How do you conjugate tocar in the preterite?

Tocar is a Spanish verb meaning to touch. Tocar is conjugated as an irregular verb in the preterite tense. Tocar appears on the 100 Most Used Spanish Preterite Tense Verbs Poster as the 36th most used irregular verb….Tocar Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo toqué
él/ella tocó
ns. tocamos
vs. tocasteis

What is the present progressive form of tocar?

estoy tocando
Mode: Indicative

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo estoy tocando
Tu estás tocando
El/Ella está tocando
Nosotros estamos tocando

What is the TU command for tocar?

Mode: Imperative

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Tu toques
El/Ella toque
Nosotros toquemos
Vosotros toquéis

How do you use tocar in a sentence?

  1. Yo toco las flores. I touch the flowers.
  2. Alguien toca a la puerta. Someone knocks on the door.
  3. Él toca la guitarra todos los días. He plays the guitar every day.
  4. Se mira pero no se toca. You can watch but you can’t touch.
  5. Te toca recoger la mesa. It’s your turn to clean the table.
  6. Me toca la mitad. I get half.

What is tocar in preterite tense?

Tocar Conjugation: Preterite Tense

yo toqué
él/ella tocó
ns. tocamos
vs. tocasteis

What’s the difference between tocar and jugar?

So what’s the difference between ‘tocar’ and ‘jugar’? ‘Jugar’ is the literal translation of the verb ‘to play’. However, when we are talking about music we always need to use the verb ‘tocar’. Furthermore, ‘tocar’ has many other uses whereas ‘jugar’ is used exactly as ‘to play’.

What is tocar mean?

To touch. Or, to play a musical instrument.

What is the difference between jugar and tocar?

Is jugar same as tocar?