How do you contact Activision?

How do you contact Activision?

Contacting Us To contact us, you can send us an email at [email protected], or write to us at: Activision Publishing, Inc., 2701 Olympic Boulevard Building B, Santa Monica, CA 90404, ATTN: Privacy Team/Privacy Policy, or call Privacy Team/Privacy Policy, ph. +1 310 255 2000.

How do I cancel my subscription to wow?

Canceling Your World of Warcraft Subscription

  1. Log in to your Games & Subscriptions page.
  2. Click Manage next to the account you want to cancel.
  3. Click Cancel Subscription. If this option isn’t present, it means you did not have a subscription on this account, or the subscription was already canceled.

How do I get to Blizzard chat?

Using the new system is easy enough; simply visit the Contact Blizzard Support page, select the game you need assistance with, and then choose from a variety of dropdown menus to pick the selections that best address your particular issue.

Does Blizzard still have live chat?

We have a callback option and Live chat for many billing related issues. Response times there is usually fairly quick. Overall response times for support tickets are currently under 24 hours. Live chat is blocked out, just the web ticket is available.

Can I get a refund on WoW subscription?

Subscriptions. We’ll refund any unused World of Warcraft subscription within 14 days of the purchase. We won’t refund subscription time lost due to a suspension and/or permanent account closure. For permanent account closures and suspensions longer than 15 days, we will cancel upcoming recurring subscriptions.

How do I check my WoW subscriptions?

To view your subscription history, visit your Account Management Transaction History page.

Why is Blizzard live chat unavailable?

Live chat has limited hours currently due to the pandemic, so it’s available less than normal since everyone is working from home with limitations. If the issue isn’t of a personal nature maybe one of the regulars or an sfa could help if you post the problem. It’s account based so would prefer to talk to blizzard rep.

Did Blizzard get rid of live chat?

Is there Activision live chat?

Online ChatActivision / Customer service chat

Does Blizzard have chat support?

Blizzard Customer Support has rolled out a new feature to better assist customers with issues. The new live Web Chat feature allows players to chat directly with a Customer Service Representative, bypassing the long wait times sometimes associated with phone calls.

Can I get my money back from Blizzard?

We’ll refund most items that you buy with real money and use or receive in-game within 14 days of purchase, as long as you have not claimed, opened, or otherwise used the item.

How long does a blizzard refund take?

3-10 working days
Once an order shows as Refunded in your order history, the money is always returned to the original payment method, and Blizzard Customer Support cannot speed up the return of funds. Refunds usually take 3-10 working days to fully complete.

How do I cancel Blizzard?

To cancel your Blizzard subscription: Log in to Account Management: Select the game license you want to manage. Click Cancel Game Subscription. Follow the steps on this page to cancel your subscription.

Does Blizzard have online chat support?

Blizzard introduces live Web Chat support.

Why is Blizzard Live chat not available?

Common Problems You must allow pop-ups for chat to work. For instructions, visit the support page for your browser: (Chrome) (Firefox) (Internet Explorer) (Safari). Disable browser add-ons or settings that block JavaScript. When you view pages on the internet, your browser caches them for faster reloading times.