How do you define ActiveXObject?

How do you define ActiveXObject?

ActiveXObject is non-standard and only supported by Internet Explorer on Windows. There is no native cross browser way to write to the file system without using plugins, even the draft File API gives read only access.

What is ActiveX object in Javascript?

An ActiveX object is an instance of a class that exposes properties, methods, and events to ActiveX clients. ActiveX objects support the COM. An ActiveX component is an application or library that is capable of creating one or more ActiveX objects.

Does ActiveXObject work in Chrome?

ActiveX is supported by Chrome. Chrome check parameters defined in : control panel/Internet option/Security .

How do I use ActiveXObject in Firefox?

Click on the “Extensions” tab at the top of the new window that will pop up. Find the entry in the list of options labeled as “Mozilla Firefox ActiveX Plugin.” Click on the button to the right of the entry that says “Enable.” Close the Firefox browser and then re-open it to finish installing the ActiveX add on.

How do I fix ActiveXobject is not defined in Chrome?

Fix: ActiveXobject is not defined

  1. Method 1: Disabling Error debugging and notifications.
  2. Method 2: Uninstall add-ins that might be causing the issue.
  3. Method 3: Contact the website administrators.

How do I fix ActiveXObject is not defined in Chrome?

Inside Internet options, go to the Advanced tab and uncheck the boxes associated with Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other). Hit the Appy button to save the changes and reload the web page that was previously showing the ActiveXObject is not defined error.

How do I enable ActiveX in Firefox?

For Mozilla browsers, select Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Scripts & Plug-ins, and enable the Enable JavaScript for Navigator option.

How do I install ActiveX on Firefox?

This extension lets you open a website in a separate Firefox tab using the Internet Explorer rendering engine, thus allowing you to run ActiveX controls.

  1. Click the Firefox menu button and select “Add-ons.”
  2. Type “IE Tab” in the search box and press “Enter.”
  3. Click “Install” and then restart Firefox to finish installation.