How do you expand Scratlantis?

How do you expand Scratlantis?

Scratlantis cannot be expanded, but you will definitely have enough space for all its inhabitants. How do I set up sound effects and music? Go to your village, select the Settings icon, then Sound.

Where is Scratlantis?

Scratlantis was a beautiful island populated by intelligent civilised saber-tooth squirrels. It now lies in ruins beneath the seafloor since its downfall.

How do you get free acorns in ice age adventures?

How to Get Free Golden Acorns

  1. Complete collections to earn them.
  2. Pay attention to daily rewards.
  3. Connect with your friends in G+ and Facebook and get 10 acorns.
  4. Many times, you will find an acorn or two inside a golden or a black clamshell.

How do you rank up in Scratlantis?

To rank up a Scratlantean resident to become an Apprentice Chef, for example, you must have a resident who is predestined to become a Chef, meaning the resident must have a “pot” icon beside it. Note that Normal residents (who have a Scrat icon) cannot be ranked up to Apprentice.

How do you get more acorns in Ice Age Village?

How to Get Acorns

  1. Watch short promotional videos in the Movie Theater in return for a free.
  2. Clean up snow piles in your village – they randomly contain.
  3. Complete Collections.
  4. Play Kung Fu Scrat and Sid’s Egg Rescue.
  5. Catch Scrat in a friend’s village – you’ll occasionally be rewarded with an instead of .

How do you unlock the dino world in Ice Age Village?

You can first make Buck break through and open Dino World at level 25 but it costs acorns – 70 to start; every level you advance, the price in acorns drops (by a certain amount of acorns each level), so that it is free when you reach level 35. You can enter Dino World by pressing the icon above the Dino World hole.

Who are the villains in ice age?

Soto and Gutt are the only villains in the Ice Age franchise to be betrayed by their right-hand minions, Diego to Soto and Shira to Gutt. Both traitors then became anti-heroes in the next films, and also Sabretooths interestingly. Before both of their deaths (though Gutt could be alive), they get thrown by Manny.

How do I get Scrat in my village?

Scrat comes by every 4 minutes in your village. If you didn’t catch him successfully the 1st time, he will come back after 2 minutes. Leaving in between Scrat’s visiting times will freeze the timer. Quitting the game 1 minute after catching Scrat will make him appear 3 minutes after starting the game again.