How do you find tagged posts on Tumblr?

How do you find tagged posts on Tumblr?

The tag links in dashboard mode go to By going to your actual blog page—“”—the tags clicked will pull up results within your blog, going directly to the URL “”.

Can you search your Tumblr posts?

You can search for posts within a specific blog from your dashboard. Click a blog’s name or avatar to open it up, then click the magnifying glass at the top of the blog. Now type. Type like you mean it.

Can you see your own posts in tags Tumblr?

So if you reblogged a post and tagged it, you won’t be able to find your reblog on that public tag. Haven’t been posting too often on a particular tag or search page. If you’ve made multiple posts in a given public tag, only 3 will show up per page of that tag.

How do I find pictures I’ve posted on Tumblr?

Type on your address bar. However, all your text posts are shown, even the reblogged ones.

Can you search Tumblr posts by year?

Search For Posts On A Specific Date You can actually just find out what posts are posted on a specific date. You can do this by typing http://[username][year]/[month]/[day] .

Why can’t I see my post on Tumblr tags?

If your posts aren’t appearing on Tumblr-wide tag pages, it might be because your blog is pretty new and we need to make sure you’re not a robot or a spammer. Make sure you’ve verified your account via the email we sent when you joined Tumblr.

How long until your posts show up in tags Tumblr?

3. the problem is your account. If this is a new side blog, wait at least 24 hours before posting. Make sure you don’t have any posts flagged.

How do I find my oldest Tumblr posts to newest?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for a link that says “Earlier,” “Earlier Posts,” “Next,” or “Next Page.” If you don’t see such a link, this account has only one page and the bottom post is the first one.

Can I recover deleted Tumblr?

When a Tumblr account is deleted, all blog posts are deleted as well. Unfortunately, those posts cannot be restored, but by signing up for the same blog address again, you may be able to link your new Tumblr account to your email address and have the same blog address again.

How do tags work on Tumblr?

Tagging your posts

  1. You don’t need to put a tag in quotes or start with a hash symbol (#).
  2. Hit enter to separate each tag.
  3. Only the first 20 tags on a post will show up in searches. After that, you’re just tagging for show.
  4. Tags on Tumblr can have spaces in them. They are the most legible tags on the internet. Hooray!

Why doesn’t my post show up in a Tumblr search?

Check the Visibility settings for your blog. If “Hide [blogname] from search results” is enabled, the blog will not appear in search results. Is your post an original post or a reblog? Reblogging is a great way to share a post with others, but only original posts will appear in search results.

Why won’t Tumblr show my top posts?

Anyone on Tumblr can see your top posts when they view your blog (unless you’ve hidden your blog, in which case no one can see it at all). Can I select my own Top Posts? We do all the work for you in selecting these posts. Your top posts can’t be selected or removed manually.

Can you bring back a deleted Tumblr?