How do you get a cast in Dharma Productions?

How do you get a cast in Dharma Productions?

You can send your pictures and portfolios to them and hope that you get noticed. Or else you can go through the latest Auditions and Apply for those Auditions which are released by Dharma Production. Enter your E Mail in the below form to get regular updates on Auditions, Acting and Modelling.

How can I get appointment for Karan Johar?

How To Contact Karan Johar

  1. A brief intro of Karan Johar.
  2. Visit his office or send him a letter.
  3. Call his office over phone.
  4. Follow him on social networking sites.

Is Karan Johar casting director?

These, along with other films he has produced under the Dharma Productions banner, have established him as one of the leading director-producers in Hindi cinema. Johar has also ventured into other avenues of the entertainment industry….

Karan Johar
Awards Full list
Honours Padma Shri (2020)

How do I contact Dharma Productions?

Dharma Productions is a Media & Entertainment company and has headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India….Dharma Productions overview.

Name : Dharma Productions
Website :
Social Handles :
Company Type : Private Company
Contact Number : (022) 61790100

Who is the CEO of Dharma?

CEO Apoorva Mehta
Dharma Productions’ CEO Apoorva Mehta buys Rs 24.60 cr luxury apartment in Mumbai’s Khar. The deal valued at over Rs 94,400 per sq ft is one of the priciest transactions in the Bandra to Juhu belt that is known to be home of CXOs, film and media personalities.

How much does Karan Johar earn?

Rs 100 crores
He is a director, producer, investor and also influencer. Everything that he works on adds to his income. As per DailyHunt, Karan Johar has an annual salary of Rs 100 crores and assets worth $ 200 million (approx Rs 1450 crore rupees).