How do you get professional development hours in Illinois?

How do you get professional development hours in Illinois?

College coursework must come from a regionally accredited Illinois Community College or an Illinois University/College with an approved educator-degree program. Once semester hour is equal to 15 hours of Professional Development (PD). One quarter hour is equal to 10 hours of Professional Development (PD).

How many CPDUs do I need in Illinois?

Teaching college or university courses CPDUs: 20 Limitation: The same course may be counted only once in any five-year renewal cycle.

What counts as PD for Illinois teachers?

PD that counts for the current cycle includes: 1) CPDU credit earned, 2) college coursework, or 3) uniquely-qualifying activities. The amount of PD for renewal remains the same for mid-cycle licensees as when the current cycle began, i.e. 40 CPDUs, 80 CPDUs, or 120 CPDUs which converted to PD Hours on July 1, 2014.

How do I reinstate my Illinois teaching certificate?

Illinois teaching certificates may be renewed online through the Educator Licensure Information System ELIS). At the time of renewal, you must submit an Assurance Statement online, listing the district and region in which you taught during the last year of your certificate’s validity.

How many hours of PD Do Illinois Teachers need?

120 clock- hours
The Illinois State Board of Education requires 120 clock- hours of professional development for teachers, or 60 clock hours for teachers that also hold a current National Board for Professional Teaching Standards master teacher designation.

How do you calculate professional development hours?

One (1) professional development hour is a contact hour of at least fifty (50) minutes of instruction. Additional measures are in fifteen (15) minute increments; therefore, a ninety (90) minute course is one-and-a-half (1.5) professional development hours.

How much does it cost to renew a teaching license in Illinois?

a $50
All Teaching License* are on a 5-year cycle and require steps for renewal during April 1-June 30. For all renewal details, visit the Illinois State Board of Education Renewal and Reinstatement site. – Renew licence with the State of Illinois through your ELIS account. There is a $50 fee.

What happens if your preliminary credential expires?

If your credential has expired, or you qualified for a pre-Ryan credential but never applied, you must obtain a credential under current statutes in order to serve in the California public schools.

How much does it cost to renew Illinois teaching license?

How do I reactivate my Illinois cosmetology license?

Section 1175.430 Restoration – Cosmetology 1) A person applying for restoration of a license as a cosmetologist that has expired or been on inactive status for less than 5 years shall submit an application on forms provided by the Division and: A) Pay the required fee set forth in Section 1175.100; B)

What happens if I dont clear my credential in 5 years?

If the prerequisite credential is not valid for a full five years at the time an individual applies for the dependent credential, the dependent credential will be issued with the same expiration date as the current prerequisite credential. Five-Year Preliminary or Level I teaching credentials cannot be renewed.

How long is a preliminary credential good for?

five years
California has a two-tier credential structure. A preliminary credential is the first document issued after an individual meets basic credential requirements. The preliminary credential is issued for a maximum of five years.

How are you going to acquire the units of CPD?

How can professionals earn CPD Units? Registered or Licensed Professionals can acquire CPD units through Professional Track, Academic Track, Self-Directed Training and other activities recommended by the CPD Council.

How do I apply for an Illinois teaching license?

Create an account in the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS). Once you have an account, click “Apply for a New License, Endorsement, or Approval” on the ELIS home screen and complete the application wizard. The wizard will collect an application fee via credit card before the application is submitted.

What is the difference between PDU and CEU?

What is the difference between a PDU and a CEU? A professional development unit (PDU) is the term NBCOT utilizes with its renewal program. A continuing education unit (CEU) is what other organizations may use to indicate the value of a professional development activity.

What is the definition of PDH?

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