How do you get to the top of Meteora?

How do you get to the top of Meteora?

Just before the last monastery (one which isn’t visited too often) there is a track leading down into the valley and back to Kalambaka. Nice walk. Stop off at the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Walk through town and talk to the locals.

How do you get around Meteora?

For your first trip to Meteora, the main ways to get around are either by tour, driving, or walking.

  1. By Tour. If you have limited time in the area and want to see the most important sights as easily as possible, then taking a tour is the way to go.
  2. By Car.
  3. By Walking/Hiking.

How do you get up to Meteora monastery?

You need to catch the bus going to Trikala (the nearest big town to Kalampaka) and then take the bus to Kalampaka. From there you need to either book a guided tour to the Monasteries, take a taxi or hike there. The train leaves from the New Railway Station in Thessaloniki and goes to Kalmpaka.

How long do you need in Meteora?

2 days
Most people are able to visit between 2 to 4 monasteries per day. The few visitors who visit all 6 of them within one day are missing out a magical, more slow-paced adventure. We recommend at least 2 days stay in Meteora.

How long is Meteora hike?

We estimate that the minimum time you need for the Meteora hike is around four hours. For us, it took much longer as we visited five out of the six monasteries and took hundreds of photos. Ideally, you have the whole day for this hike. That way, you can explore the monasteries and enjoy the views along the way.

Is Meteora Greece worth it?

From hiking to paragliding to rock climbing, the area around Meteora is phenomenal for people who want to stay a couple of days and truly experience this one-of-a-kind landscape for all its magic and wonder (and get to see several sunrises and sunsets too — a major plus for photographers, and something that we didn’t …

What are the best places to visit around Meteora?

There are two notable hiking trails around Meteora. You can take the more gentle, half-day Eastern Trail from Kalambaka to St. Stephen’s Monastery – which is about a kilometer long. It’s an hour and a half walk from Kalambaka.

Are the Meteora monasteries open to the public?

On top of the megalithic rocks, an average of 300 meters above ground, are perched the awe-inspiring Meteora Monasteries. There were initially 24 Monasteries founded and built by Greek Orthodox monks in the 14-15th century. Today, only 6 of them are working as Monasteries and accept public visits on specific days and times.

What are the three old churches or chapels of Meteora?

The three old churches or chapels include: The Chapel of Saint John the Baptist which lies next to the katholikon sanctuary, The Saints Constantine and Helen Chapel which is an aisle-less church with large vault, and finally the chapel of Virgin Mary situated in the cave. The Monastery of Varlaam is the second largest monastery of Meteora.

How many years of geologic history does Meteora have?

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