How do you identify a compound subject and a compound predicate?

How do you identify a compound subject and a compound predicate?

A sentence has a compound subject when it has more than one subject. It has a compound predicate when there is more than one predicate. Sometimes sentences can have both a compound subject and a compound predicate.

What is a compound predicate example?

An example of a compound predicate is: ”The cat jumped up and looked out the window. ” Cat is the subject and jumped up and looked is the compound verb.

What is compound predicates?

Compound Predicates. Compound Predicate/Verb Definition. A compound predicate/verb occurs when two or more verbs appear in a single sentence and share the same subject.

What is the meaning of compound subject?

When a sentence has more than one subject per verb, those subjects form a compound subject. Compound subjects can be singular, plural, or a mix of both: TWO SINGULAR: The dog and the cat bother me.

What is a compound subject?

What is the difference between a subject and a predicate?

Subjects. The subject of a sentence is a person,place,thing,or idea.

  • Predicates. Now that we’ve touched upon the basic elements of subjects and verbs,let’s discuss predicates.
  • Objects. We’ve mentioned objects a couple times now.
  • Tell a Better Story.
  • What is a compound subject and a compound verb?

    When each or every is used with a subject that has two or more parts joined by and, the verb is singular. Every toy and game has to be put away. Each plate and glass looks new. With compound subjects joined by or or nor, the verb agrees with the part of the subject nearer to it.

    According to Your Dictionary, a compound subject is when a sentence has two or more subjects. These subjects perform the same action. With compound subjects, make sure that your subject verb agreement is still intact: a singular subject or singular noun gets a singular verb, and a plural subject or plural nouns get a plural verb in English grammar.

    Which part of the sentence is a compound subject?

    Simple Subjects. In the example above,“the dog” is a simple subject. It’s one person or thing,or one word (in addition to the article “the”).

  • Compound Subjects. The next type of subject is a compound subject. These subjects contain two or more nouns or pronouns.
  • Noun Phrases. A noun phrase is a group of words that function together like a noun.