How do you initiate in Hitman 2?

How do you initiate in Hitman 2?

Head back towards the main bar area and just before you step off the red carpet to go into the bar, take a right through the hidden doorway. Somewhere in the room, there should be a fellow initiate. If she isn’t in the room yet, wait a minute or two and she will enter.

Is Agent 47 the best assassin?

Complex ranked him as the 5th “best assassin and hitman in video games”, noting him as the “original contract killer”, while also praising his outfit as “stylish”.

Is Romania Agent 47?

Character history. Agent 47 was born on September 5, 1964 in a Romanian asylum with the number 5-901234-123457 tattooed on the back of his head in the form of a bar code.

How do I disguise myself as Janus?

Sneak all the way down the flight of stairs to the mortician area where they are prepping Janus’ body. Kill everyone there and then disguise yourself in the white outfit that they have prepared for Janus.

Who is Sinclair Hitman 2?

Sophia Washington has a plan to test the Constant’s loyalty. In this mission, you will disguise yourself as Marek Sinclair, the designer of the poison capsule in the Constant’s neck and set up a private meeting with him per Sophia’s wish. It would be a shame if the Constant found out about Sophia’s tricks.

How do you summon Zoe Washington?

Walk straight to the statue and down the stairs on your left. Pick up the torch and light the money to begin the ceremony. Once you are finished speaking, you will have to wait on Zoe Washington to arrive. Once she arrives, summon her and you will have completed the A Phoenix from the Ashes story.

How does Blake Nathaniel disguise?

Blake Nathaniel is also part of the Mission Story called “It Belongs in a Museum”. After getting rid with him Agent 47 can disguise himself as Blake Nathaniel. Using this disguise you will need to shut down the alarm system (this can be done in multiple ways) and retrieve the necklace from the display.

How do you disguise as Janus?

Head into the main bar area and take a left down the red carpet. At the end of the carpet, take a left by the guard and go towards the two people that are talking. Hop down off the platform and kill the guard to your right. Drag his body in the grass and take his disguise.

How do you get Janus to visit Helen?


  1. Turn on the gramaphone.
  2. Let the nurse do the health checkup.
  3. Replace the empty cigarette box next to Janus’ oxygen tank.
  4. Put a muffin onto the empty plate in Janus’ kitchen.
  5. Pour Janus a glass of tea in his kitchen.
  6. Fill in the mole holes in Janus’ backyard.
  7. Have Janus visit Helen West.

How do you steal an Aztec necklace?

You’ll need to hide the body, take his disguise and disable the alarm before the guard comes back. Once the alarm is down, head down to the necklace. Pull the fire alarm, and swipe the necklace once everyone has left.