How do you maximize CMI?

How do you maximize CMI?

Five Ways to Improve Case-Mix Index For Your Community

  1. Hold CMI Review Meetings.
  2. Communicate with Therapy.
  3. Capture the Complete Clinical Picture.
  4. Accurately Code Activities of Daily Living.
  5. Complete Interviews Timely and Accurately.
  6. For More Information.

What is the concept of case mix?

Case mix index is a measure used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to determine hospital reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. This measure reflects the diversity, complexity, and severity of patient illnesses treated at a given hospital or other healthcare facility.

Why is case mix index CMI important?

CMI is an important performance indicator for your hospital not because it tells a big story in and of itself, but because of how it impacts your hospital’s finances. CMI is a measure of the average severity level of a hospital’s procedures.

What is a normal CMI?

The average CMI is 1.48 with a range of values from 0.25 to 5.69.

What is case mix adjustment?

Case-mix adjustment uses statistical models to predict what each hospital’s ratings would have been for a standard patient or population, thereby removing from comparisons the predictable effects of differences in patient characteristics that are consistent across hospitals.

What are case-mix variables?

The case-mix adjustment variables that were specific to this PROM were sex, socio-economic status and nationality. These variables should be considered in future attempts to risk-adjust for PROMs during benchmarking of hospitals.

What are DRG weights?

DRG Weights The CMS assigns a unique weight to each DRG. The weight reflects the average level of. resources for an average Medicare patient in the DRG, relative to the average level of resources. for all Medicare patients.28 The weights are intended to account for cost variations between. different types of treatments …

How does case mix index affect reimbursement?

A higher CMI means more reimbursement dollars for providing care because it indicates that a hospital is treating a sicker patient population. Increasing the CMI hinges on having clinical documentation that accurately reflects the severity level of patients’ conditions.

What is the purpose of a DRG?

The purpose of the DRGs is to relate a hospital’s case mix to the resource demands and associated costs experienced by the hospital.