How do you read a Pike Logan series?

How do you read a Pike Logan series?

Pike Logan Series

  1. One Rough Man (Pike Logan #1), 2011.
  2. The Dig (Pike Logan #1.5), 2014.
  3. All Necessary Force (Pike Logan #2), 2012.
  4. The Callsign (Pike Logan #2.5), 2012.
  5. Enemy of Mine (Pike Logan #3), 2013.
  6. Gut Instinct (Pike Logan #3.5), 2013.
  7. The Widow’s Strike (Pike Logan #4), 2013.
  8. Black Flag (Pike Logan #4.5), 2013.

What order should I read Brad Taylor Books?

#1 Brad Taylor Books In Order Of Publication

  • One Rough Man (2011)
  • All Necessary Force (2012)
  • Enemy of Mine (2013)
  • The Widow’s Strike (2013)
  • The Polaris Protocol (2014)
  • Days of Rage (2014)
  • No Fortunate Son (2014)
  • The Insider Threat (2015)

What was Brad Taylor’s first book?

In 2011, the first Brad Taylor book was published under the title One Rough Man, and after the immense success of this debut novel, his career as a full-time novelist was launched.

What is Pike Logan’s real name?

Ex-Delta Force Commander, Brad Taylor is now the writer of the Pike Logan Series. Nephilim ‘Pike’ Logan is an agent and one of the founding fathers of the Task Force, a secret group of elite agents controlled by the National Security Council. After losing his family, Logan was pushed out.

Do the Sigma Force novels need to be read in order?

Sigma Series Archives – James Rollins. You do not need to read the books in a specific order to enjoy the adventure. That said, if you do read them in the order of release, there is some plot development with the characters. You do not need to read the books in a specific order to enjoy the adventure.

Which James Rollins books to read first?

Order of James Rollins Books

  • Sandstorm. (2004) Map of Bones.
  • Kowalski’s in Love. (2006) The Skeleton Key.
  • Wit’ch Fire (As: James Clemens) (1998)
  • Shadowfall. (2005)
  • Jake Ransom and the Skull King’s Shadow. (2009)
  • The Starless Crown. (2022)
  • City of Screams. (2012)
  • The Kill Switch (With: Grant Blackwood) (2014)

What James Rollins book follows Judas Strain?

Series List in Order

Order Title Date
2 Map of Bones May-2005
3 Black Order Jul-2006
3.5 Kowalski’s in Love Jun-2006
4 The Judas Strain Jul-2007