How do you size a Miami J collar?

How do you size a Miami J collar?

Collar size is best determined by observing the vertical dis- tance between the highest point of the trapezius and the top of the chin when the head is in the desired treatment align- ment. Use your fingers to measure the vertical chin-to shoulder distance.

Who makes Miami J collars?

Manufacturer # : MJ-300. Brand : Miami J. Manufacturer : Ossur.

How tight should a Miami J collar be?

The straps should be tight enough to prevent your neck from turning from side to side. You can adjust the length of the collar with a small dial at the back or side of the collar. Make sure that no plastic is touching your skin.

How do you eat with a neck brace on?

The pads on the collar should be directly against the skin. It is easier to eat soft or smaller pieces of food. If you had surgery it is normal to have a mild sore throat and some problems swallowing solid foods. This discomfort may last for a few days to several weeks.

Can you shower with Miami J collar?

The collar must be worn at all times, including in the shower, at rest and when sleeping, unless otherwise specified by the doctor/medical team. Driving: It is strongly advised that you do not drive whilst wearing a Miami J collar as it is extremely dangerous.

How should I sleep after cervical neck surgery?

After any surgery, the most recommended sleeping position is on your back and predominantly for neck surgery. Whatever the sleeping positions you choose, make sure that your neck is protected. You can do this by keeping your neck, spine, and legs aligned.

How do I wash my hair with a neck brace?

You may shampoo your hair while in the shower, as long as your collar is tightly in place. If you have long hair it should be worn outside of the collar. If you had surgery, you may get the wound wet starting 48 hours afterward. If you have stitches or staples that can be seen, avoid soaking the incision.

Can u drive with a neck brace on?

Objective: Thousands of Americans are prescribed cervical orthoses each year. These orthoses restrict motion, which may influence the patient’s driving performance. No legal restrictions exist that prohibit patients from wearing cervical orthoses while driving.

What kind of brace Do you wear after neck surgery?

Rigid braces restrict neck movement during recovery from a fracture or surgery (e.g., fusion). Common rigid braces include the Miami J® Collar and the Vista Multi-Post.