How do you solve puzzle 15 in Portal?

How do you solve puzzle 15 in Portal?

Fire a portal on the wall behind the angled wallpanels and the other one on the floor in front of the other portal. Go drop through the portal and shoot the same portal where you just landed. You should then get back to the other side of the glass.

How do you do the turret level in Portal 2?


  1. Pick up the Turret in front of you and throw it sideways to disable it.
  2. Look around the corner and fire a portal on the wall behind the second turret.
  3. Lift the turret through the portal and disable it by putting it sideways on the floor.
  4. Go to the corner where the turret was and go to the right.

How many levels do Portal 2 have?

The game has 9 chapters total.

Why do the turrets sing in portal 2?

This theory is because the song being sung is like she is being sent to Heaven. In Greek/Roman Mythology when someone dies they arrive at a field with their closest companion. The field in Greek is known as Elysium. When Chell arrives to see the turret quartet in the elevator, they begin singing.

Does Portal only have 19 levels?

The game is split up into twenty different test chambers, with the difficulty rising in a logarithmic fashion. After chamber 19 (actually the 20th chamber, since numbering starts at 0) is complete, there are three additional levels. The normal chamber allows for many mistakes.

How do you complete test chamber 15 advanced?

Shoot a portal on the wall panel and place a portal on the floor. You should now land on the other side of glass. As soon as the pellet goes theough the portal, fire a portal that lead a direction to bounce. Fire a portal quickly that the Pellet bounces around the room and goes into the receptacle.

What does the Morse code in portal mean?

Only Morse code. Translates as “9E107D9D372BB6821BD91D3542A419D6”, the MD5 hash of “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”, the infamous pangram used to test typewriters and computer keyboards.

How do you beat the chamber 16 in Portal 2?


  1. Go stand on the button and shoot a portal at the end of the Thermal Discouragement Beam.
  2. Get off the button to shoot the second portal in front of the Turrets in a row.
  3. Stand on the button until all of the turrets are destroyed.