How do you spell swivel or swivel?

How do you spell swivel or swivel?

“Swivel.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster,

What does swiveled or Swivelled?

Word forms: swivels, swiveling, swivelling, swiveled, swivelled. transitive verb/intransitive verb. If something swivels or if you swivel it, it turns around a central point so that it is facing in a different direction. She swiveled her chair and stared out the window. More Synonyms of swivel.

What is swill water?

British Dictionary definitions for swill swill. / (swɪl) / verb. to drink large quantities of (liquid, esp alcoholic drink); guzzle. (tr often foll by out) mainly British to drench or rinse in large amounts of water.

Is swill a Wordle word?

Today’s word is “swill”. However, many users reported getting the letters “S”, “I”, “L”, and “L” and being unable to complete the word. Variations of this can include: “still”, “spill”, “shill”, “and “skill”.

What’s another word for blurted out?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for blurt-out, like: exclaim, speak unthinkingly, blunder out, gush, utter, blurt, burst out with, divulge, blunder, tell and ejaculate.

Which means almost the same as blurted?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for blurted. blabbered, bolted, got off, shot.

How do you use swill?

Swill sentence example Expensive wines can be swill and inexpensive wines can overachieve. Nice messy job even after I had given them a quick swill in the cleaning tank.

What is today’s word Feb 19?

The Wordle for February 19 is SWILL.

What does 245 mean in Wordle?

Wordle #245 answer- February 19th To swill out something means cleaning by pouring water over it. The term is also used to describe one’s urge to drink excessively. See more. Wordle 245 6/6.

Who produces swindled?

A German translation of the series titled Schmutzige Geschäfte launched on November 19, 2018….

Hosted by “A Concerned Citizen”
Genre True crime
Language English

What does blurted mean in a sentence?

: to say or tell suddenly and without thinking “I know the secret,” she blurted.

What is the meaning of Snill?

Adjective. snill (neuter singular snilt, definite singular and plural snille) kind snill og hjelpsom – kind and helpful. sweet (kind, pleasant)

Is Svill a word?

Noun. sleeper, railroad tie (A heavy, preserved piece of hewn timber laid crossways to and supporting the rails of a railroad or a member of similar shape and function of another material such as concrete.)