How do you teach synonyms fun?

How do you teach synonyms fun?

Ways to Explore Synonyms with Young Children

  1. Watch YouTube Videos about Synonyms.
  2. Explore Synonyms in Books.
  3. Display Synonym Posters in the Classroom.
  4. Individual Synonym Flip Books.
  5. Incorporate Synonym Activities During Literacy Rotations.

What are some synonyms of activities?


  • action.
  • enterprise.
  • exercise.
  • life.
  • movement.
  • exertion.
  • labor.
  • motion.

What’s another word for outdoor activities?

What is another word for outdoor activity?

recreation hobby
diversion entertainment
pastime pursuit
avocation distraction
activity divertissement

Why are synonyms and antonyms important in speech therapy?

We can do more critical thinking activities and use our working memory to come up with words that mean the opposite of another word. Working on synonyms and antonyms in therapy sessions can help our students to not only expand their vocabularies, but also to become more effective communicators and better writers.

Why do we teach antonyms?

Teaching Antonyms Opposites are an important concept to teach students. Understanding this concept will help students increase their vocabulary, better describe, and follow directions. Teach the concept pairs together and using concrete examples is best but pictures will also do.

What are some synonyms for activities?

Synonyms for activities include actions, bustle, commotion, buzz, hustle and bustle, busyness, excitements, fervour, fervor and gaieties. Find more similar words at

What are 100 examples of synonyms and antonyms?

100 Examples of Homophones 1.abel — able 2.accede — exceed 3.accept — except 4.addition — edition 5.adds — adz 6.affect — effect 7.affected — effected 8.ale — ail 9.all ready — already — acts 11.axel — axle 12.axes — axis 13.aye — eye — I 14.ayes — eyes 15.baa — bah 16.baal — bail 17.bass — base 18.baste — based 19.bate — bait 20.bated — baited

What is an antonym for activity?

What are Synonyms and Antonyms? In English, synonymous words are variations that mean the same thing. For example, big and large. Antonyms are words which mean the opposite of one another. For example, lazy is an antonym of active and vice versa.

What is another word for activities?

synonyms for activity Compare Synonyms action enterprise exercise life movement activeness animation bustle exertion hustle labor liveliness motion See also synonyms for: activities Meet Grammar Coach Improve Your Writing antonyms for activity MOST RELEVANT cessation idleness inaction inactivity stoppage laziness hate immobility indolence inertia