How do you use a Faria depth sounder?

How do you use a Faria depth sounder?

Press and hold the “Up” or ‘Down” arrow keypads to adjust the reading to the desired depth. When the shallow depth setting is read by the depth sounder, the “SH” will flash on the LCD and the audible alarm will sound rapidly.

Can you install a depth finder while the boat is in the water?

No you cannot. Only if you can remove the screws from the old one (if you can get them out) and put the new one in the exact same place, otherwise you’ll have hell getting the screws into fiberglass with a hand screwdriver.

What is the difference between thru hull and in hull transducer?

A through-hull transducer has direct contact with the water, and that eliminates the signal loss you experience with an in-hull type. Because an in-hull transducer sends and receives sonar through a fiberglass hull, the signal degrades, impairing your fish finder’s ability to pick up details.

Can a transducer be underwater?

Your pressure transducer could be one foot underwater or 15,000 feet underwater. Pressure transducers are engineered to handle certain levels of underwater depth. Generally, the lower the depth, the more expensive the pressure transducer will be.

Will a thru hull transducer work through aluminum?

As long as you are only dealing with 0.15″ or less thickness of the aluminum it works pretty well. The trick is to be sure that you get all of the air bubbles out of the sealant before it dries. You lose about half of the sensitivity when you shoot through the hull, but that’s fine for shallow water.

How do you set up a Faria depth finder?

Can you use through hull transducer on aluminum boat?

Unlike fiberglass, aluminum is a poor medium for sound waves to travel through. I have a Lowrance sounder and use a Airmar P-66 transom mount transducer which is better quality than the stock Lowrance transducers. Your other option is to use a thru hull transducer.