How do you use Polar Care 300?

How do you use Polar Care 300?

Follow these Operating Instructions, Product Insert (in the pouch on side of unit), and the Fitting Instructions (provided with each Polar Pad).

  1. 1 Discuss Treatment with your Licensed Health Care Practitioner.
  2. 2 Use Only As Prescribed.
  3. 3 Apply Insulation Barrier & Polar Pad.
  4. 4 Set Up Unit.
  5. 5 Skin Inspection.
  6. 6 Ending Session.

Does Breg Polar Care cube require a prescription?

Step TWO. Contact your physician and get a prescription for the Breg cold therapy system you have selected.

How long do you keep a polar care cube on?

APPLICATION: Day 1-4 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off. As needed for pain control. Inspect Skin under pad every 1-2 hours.

How do you drain a cold therapy pad?

To drain the pad between uses, hold the Cold Therapy Pad upright with the hose pointed toward the ground. Depress the black plunger and allow the water to drain out of the pad.

How long should you use cold therapy machine?

Although you should use it as much as possible, do not use it for more than two hours at a time without turning if off for thirty minutes.

How long can you leave cold therapy machine?

If using icepacks, it is suggested that you use them for 30 minutes as often as every 2 hours as needed for pain relief. If you cannot tolerate the cold therapy by either method, it is ok to stop icing, but your pain may be slightly increased.

Can you sleep with cold therapy machine?

Do not use the ice machine while you are sleeping. your nose. This elevates your knee above your heart and will help reduce swelling. If you were given a nerve block for anesthesia, it will wear off over 18-24 hours.

How do you use the ice machine after shoulder surgery?

Ice will be placed on your shoulder while in the recovery room. For the first 24 hours following surgery, ice continuously 20 minutes on/20 minutes off except when you go to bed. This will help reduce the swelling and minimize the pain.

How long can you keep an ice machine on your knee?

Use the ice machine as much as possible when you get home at intervals of 30 minutes on and off. You should keep the ice machine for approximately two weeks. Do not use the ice machine while you are sleeping.

Can I use a cold therapy machine overnight?

This means that the Polar Care Pump can be used overnight or for prolonged periods of time. This cold therapy machine can be used the night of your surgery and should be placed over your post-operative dressing. The padding fits perfectly over areas like your shoulder, elbow, arm or knee.

How long should I use a cold therapy machine?

Medical experts advise patients not to use the cold therapy machine continuously for more than 20 minutes. It is also important to apply cold therapy immediately after an injury occurs and apply it periodically for at least 72 hours.