How does Banisher of light work?

How does Banisher of light work?

When “Banisher of the Light” is destroyed it will be sent to the Graveyard. If “Banisher of the Light” and other monsters are destroyed simultaneously all monsters are sent to the Graveyard.

Does Banisher of the radiance banish itself?

Banisher of the Radiance wouldn’t banish itself, it would go to the Graveyard. Banisher of the Radiance has a Continuous Effects, which is only active while it remains on the field face-up. (Rule book page 14). This effect is active while the Effect Monster Card is face-up on the field.

Does Raigeki destroy face down?

Different Dimension Dragon: If “Different Dimension Dragon” is face-down, it can be destroyed by “Raigeki” and similar non-targeting cards.

How do you banish your own cards?

To “banish” a card from anywhere means to put the card from wherever it was before faceup into the “Banished Zone”. Both players may look at their own or the opponent’s face-up banished cards at any time. Each player has his own Banished Zone.

What cards bring back banished cards?

All OCG/TCG cards that return the player’s banished cards to the Graveyard

Japanese name Card type
Fortune’s Future フォーチュンフューチャー Spell Card Normal Spell Card
Frightfur Reborn デストーイ・リニッチ Spell Card Normal Spell Card
Hieratic Seal From the Ashes 復活の聖刻印 Trap Card Continuous Trap Card
Miracle Dig 奇跡の発掘 Spell Card Normal Spell Card

Can you banish your own cards in Yugioh?

Card can be banished from anywhere, be it your field, your hand, your graveyard (your discard pile), or your deck. Cards may be banished facedown if a card tells you to do so. You may not look at your opponent’s facedown banished cards, but you may look at your own. Show activity on this post.

Can Jinzo summon be negated?

When “Jinzo” is Tribute Summoned, cards like “Trap Hole” and “Torrential Tribute” cannot be activated because “Jinzo’s” Continuous Effect is applied when it is Summoned, but you can negate its Summon with “Solemn Judgment”, “Horn of Heaven”, etc.

Can you use face-down banished cards?

Banishing Face-down In addition to normal face-up banishes, several cards can banish cards face-down. Cards banished face-down are not public knowledge, and any of its properties cannot be specified.

Can you bring back banished cards?

Returning to the hand or Deck Adding a banished card or a card from the Graveyard to the hand is a form of returning. If an Extra Deck monster would be returned to the hand or Main Deck, it is instead returned to the Extra Deck.

Can shenshen return face-down banished cards?

Facedown cards aren’t considered anything specific so no, you cannot.

Can you special summon face-down banished cards?

Token Monsters cannot be banished face-down, and cannot be targeted with such Effects. If a card is banished face-down, it cannot activate its own “Leaves the field” effect.

Does Raigeki break negate?

Raigeki Break destroys the monster but it doesn’t negate the effect.

Can Omega return face-down banished cards?

Literally only Necroface (Which returns all) and Psy-Frame Lord Omega interact with face-down banished cards. 1/2) No. It’s the opponent’s responsibility to maintain their sleeves. If they chose to sleeve ED different than their MD, it’s “their bad”.

Can Necroface return face-down banished cards?

Any card that deals with a certain type of banished cards cannot interact with face-down ones, but cards that do not specify like Omega and Necroface can.