How does SAP manage returnable packaging?

How does SAP manage returnable packaging?

If you want to process returnable packaging using the special stock partner, first make the settings which are described for Consignment Stock Processing . If you want to manage returnable packaging for a carrier, for whom a vendor record already exists, you must also create a customer master record for the carrier.

What is returnable transport packaging in SAP MM?

Returnable transport packaging (RTP) is a multi-trip packaging medium (for example, pallets or containers) in which goods can be transported more than once between vendors and customers.

What is returnable packaging material?

Returnable Packaging is a packaging material that can be returned to Vendor for reuse several times or for legal reasons against which a deposit is collected and refunded. It always remains Company’s ownership, as it is not the part of a pool owned by a specific legal company.

What is returnable container management?

Manage the inventory and logistics of returnable packaging in the supply chain. The SAP Returnable Packaging Management solution enables circular logistic flows for returnable and reusable packaging material such as containers, pallets, etc.

What is SAP Verp?

VERP is a standard DATA Element within the SAP ABAP dictionary and is associated with fields that store Purchasing Document information.

Which of the following functions can be used to display returnable transport packaging stock?

RTP stock can be viewed using the following functions: Stock overview. Plant stock availability.

What is returnable container?

A returnable container is a type of secondary packaging that can be used several times in the same form, in contrast with traditional cardboard boxes.

How do you account for a returnable container?

Containers Returnable – When separate charge is made: Under this method, returnable containers are considered to be the special items for trading account. As such, their cost is not included in the sale price of the goods sold in such containers. The price of the containers is charged separately to customers.

What is non returnable container?

Nonreturnable container means a beverage container upon which no deposit or a deposit of less than 10 cents has been paid or for which no cash refund or a refund of less than 10 cents is payable by a dealer or distributor in this State of that beverage in beverage containers.

What are fert and Hawa in SAP?

There are some material which are produced inhouse(finihed goods) and procured from outside(trading goods). So in material master what to maintain the item category group (HAWA or FERT).

What is containers account in accounting?

Meaning of Containers Account: Packages Reserve account is also to be prepared which records the opening balance with customers plus packages sent out during the year on the credit side whereas, package sold, returned and closing balance with customers plus hire charges on the debit side of the said account.

What are returnable containers?

Definition of returnable container : a heavy-duty drum or shipping case or box that can be used for several trips : a glass container (as a milk bottle) that can be returned for cleaning and refilling.

What does Verp stand for in SAP?

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What is KMAT material SAP?

The KMAT was invented by SAP and stands for “configurable material”, and thus also for the central feature of the SAP R/2 and R/3 material master world. From the German “konfigurierbares Material” was formed the abbreviation KMAT, pronounced “kay-mat”.

How are returnable container accounted for?

What is FHMI SAP?

Definition. The material type FHMI stands for production resources/tools. Production resources and tools are procured externally and used to manufacture products. A material master record of this material type can contain purchasing data, but no sales data. It is managed on a quantity basis.

How do I create a variant BOM in SAP?

Steps to create variant bom:

  1. From the bills of material menu, choose Material BOM ® Create. You see the Create material BOM initial screen.
  2. Enter the data for the variant BOM you want to create.
  3. Enter the validity data for the variant BOM.
  4. If you want to check the data you enter, choose Check entries.

What is configurable material in SAP?

Definition. A configurable material is a material for which different variants are possible. The strategies for configurable materials allow you to plan products with an almost unlimited number of possible combinations of characteristics and combination value keys.

What is the return policy for returnable containers?

In case a product in returnable container is sold, the company charges a deposit to the customer, which is returned on receiving back the empty containers.

What are the returnable packaging materials?

The used returnable packaging materials will represent the empties bottles, empty crates, not rented pallets or the grouping of them through a Sales BOM (Inbound). The header of this Sales BOM also will be a material defined as returnable.

How to process returnable materials in the warehouse?

The process begins when a truck arrives to the warehouse with returnable materials (empties bottles and crates on pallets) from customer. The warehouse clerk will capture the quantity of bottles, crates and pallets using the Standard SAP Sales Order creation transaction (VA01)

How do I track returnable containers?

The tracking of returnable containers is achieved by using empties update functionality in billing. Prerequisite: you need to have EA-CP active in SFW5 to use empties update. The settings relevant for the process are in SPRO->Sales and Distribution->Billing->Empties Update.