How high should an AP be mounted?

How high should an AP be mounted?

For wall mounted AP’s, the minimum height Above Finished Floor (AFF) to center of AP body is 7′ and the maximum height AFF to the center of AP body is 7′ 6”. For instances where the ceiling height is below 8′, mount the AP where the top of the antenna is 6” below the ceiling.

Can you wall mount an access point?

There are solutions that enable APs with internal antennas to be mounted correctly. Oberon manufactures various types of wall mounts that can be used to mount APs onto walls. Alternatively you can use 6-inch corner braces to help secure an AP on a wall.

Where should access points be placed?

Install your APs in a central location away from any corners, walls, or other physical obstructions to provide maximum signal coverage. Install your APs in a high location to provide the overall best signal strength reception and performance for your wireless network.

Can Ubiquiti AP be mounted on a wall?

UniFi Access Point indoor models have a sleek design and can be easily mounted to a ceiling tile or wall using the included mounting hardware.

Can WiFi access points be too close together?

Outside Interference From Nearby WiFi Networks Negatively Impacts Yours. The signal from nearby wireless networks and access points can impact performance on your network. Access points on the same channel can affect your network performance and cause dropped connections or lost packets while using the internet.

How far should access points be apart?

Distance between two APs should be approximately 30 to 70 feet.

How far apart should wireless access points be placed?

Can you have too many APs?

Although common sense may suggest “more is better,” too many wireless access points (APs) quickly leads to excessive radio frequency (RF) broadcasting as well as wasted resources on unused APs. Consider the requirements of the space and expected number of connected devices.

Where is the best place to put an access point?

Is 20 APs too much?

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