How long does it take to max out a toon?

How long does it take to max out a toon?

It really depends on the person playing. If they’re extremely skilled, play extremely often (like eight hours a day) and know the game head to toe, then the minimum time for them to max would be the time it takes to finish gardening. But most of the fastest people take at least six months to max.

What’s the highest Laff in Toontown?

Earning more laff points The maximum laff limit is currently 137. In the course of a toon’s journey, several toontasks will be offered for a reward for more laff points. A total of 85 laff points are rewarded from toontasks.

How many days does it take to max gardening Toontown?

Maximizing Gardening After the night, a new day starts and that means the flowers have grown. It takes exactly 1,199 points to fully max out gardening, but it will only take approximately four months to finish (if it is done daily).

How do I plant Donald statue TTR?

You need 125 beans to buy the statue. Once you buy it, go to the platform and then you will see the statue in the selection window. Then just click two green beans and you have the statue.

What do stars mean in Toontown?

It lists the top ten currently online toons and how many cog building floors they have defeated. If a toon defeats enough cog buildings, they will get a star. Each floor grants one point. If a building that a toon has rescued is taken over by the cogs, the toon loses credits to that building.

How do you plant a gag tree?

After a Toon obtains their gardening kit, they may walk to one of eight slots and select a single gag from their gag inventory that they wish to plant. Gags are planted in order of level, from level 1 to level 7. Once planted, watered, and fully grown, a gag tree allows its respective gag to gain an organic bonus.

What does flappy cog do?

Flappy Cog is a gardening statue that resembles a Mover & Shaker. It costs 50 jellybeans to order from Clarabelle’s Cattlelog. It is also available as a toon party item.

How do you plant a Mickey statue in Toontown?

A statue is an estate item purchased from Clarabelle’s Cattlelog and planted outside of a house. Each toon house has a stone platform outside where a statue can be planted. They are planted with a jellybean combination that is provided in the Shticker Book.

Are field offices in TTR?

Even though the field offices were given to Mover & Shakers, many different cogs appear in the building. Field Offices can be found on any street on any district.

What is a cog in Toontown?

Cogs are the main antagonists of Disney’s Toontown Online. They are business-minded robots that consistently try to conquer Toontown and turn it into a dull, gray, corporate wasteland. There is a total of thirty-two different cogs, with eight in each of the four corporate ladders, as well as a boss of each ladder.

How do you get organic gags TTR?

Organic Gags are more powerful Gags. In order to have the organic status, a toon must buy a gardening kit from Clarabelle’s Cattlelog. After buying the kit, the toon must plant Gags in the mounds that appear around the toon’s house. They must wait for the Gag trees to fully grow and obtain the Organic Status.

Is Toontown rewritten real?

The game is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, but instead created by a dedicated team of volunteers that revived Toontown Online. The game is entirely free and does not contain subscriptions, advertisements, donations, or any other forms of revenue.

How many doodles can you have on Toontown?

one doodle
Each toon can have one doodle. Toons can also return the doodle to the pet shop. A doodle can have several traits that affect their behavior. During adoption, the toon can choose which doodle to choose, a gender, and name it.

How do I get to Bossbot HQ TTR?

When you get into the Acorn Acres playground, go through the Chip N Dale’s MiniGolf arch (it’s across the playground from the Acorn Acres entrance from Donald’s Dock). Bossbot HQ is in the MiniGolf playground.