How many brownlows does Joel Selwood have?

How many brownlows does Joel Selwood have?

Brownlow Medal Career Totals

# Player 1
5 Robert Harvey 32
6 Scott Pendlebury 21
7 Chris Judd 18
8 Joel Selwood 24

How old is Joel Selwood?

34 years (May 26, 1988)Joel Selwood / Age

How old is Tom Stewart?

29 years (March 15, 1993)Tom Stewart / Age

How many Selwood brothers are there?

three brothers
A member of the Selwood family, Selwood has three brothers; twin brother Troy, Joel, and Scott.

How tall is Joel Selwood?

6′ 0″Joel Selwood / Height

How old is Patrick Dangerfield?

32 years (April 5, 1990)Patrick Dangerfield / Age

What are the Selwood brothers doing now?

He moved to Geelong via free agency at the end of the 2015 season, playing alongside his brother and current Geelong captain Joel Selwood for a further four seasons. He is now playing senior football with the Ivanhoe Amateur football Club while also serving as an assistant coach at Collingwood Football Club.

How old is Scott Pendlebury?

34 years (January 7, 1988)Scott Pendlebury / Age

Which AFL captain has played the most games?

It will push Selwood, who has been Geelong skipper since 2012, to outright top of the all-time games record as captain in VFL/AFL history in a top-10 list that includes the likes of St Kilda champion Nick Riewoldt (221 games), Footscray legend Ted Whitten (212), Brisbane great Michael Voss (210) and current Collingwood …

How old is Scott Selwood?

32 years (March 27, 1990)Scott Selwood / Age

Who is Geelong’s Ruckman?

Geelong ruck recruit Jon Ceglar is set to miss more than half the AFL season after suffering a fractured foot in the VFL. Ceglar is expected to spend around three months on the sidelines after being ordered to undergo surgery on the injury.

Where is Scott Selwood now?

Ivanhoe Amateurs
Ivanhoe Amateurs has enlisted former AFL midfielder Scott Selwood for season 2022. Selwood, 31, accepted an invitation to Ivanhoe Park from his Collingwood workmate and Hoers playing coach Ash Close this week.