How many Clifford balls are there?

How many Clifford balls are there?

In the summer of 1996 an estimated 70,000 to 85,000 Phish fans drove to a former Air Force Base in Plattsburgh, NY to attend an event that would forever change the landscape of modern music festivals and add yet another dimension to Phish’s already polarizing live music experience: The Clifford Ball.

Where was Clifford Ball Phish?

Plattsburgh, New York
The Clifford Ball was held in Plattsburgh, New York, at a decommissioned Air Force base, during which Phish played two marathon concerts which included multiple guests.

Who was Clifford Ball?

Clifford Ball (November 29, 1891 – June 2, 1972) was an American farmer, soldier, bookkeeper, clerk, automobile dealer, airplane dealer, airline owner, airline operator, airline executive, radio manufacturer, Civil Air Patrol officer and chaplain, and aviation pioneer.

Why was it called Clifford Ball?

Title: The event is named for the Clifford Ball, famed aviator who held fabulous balls for other aviators such as Amelia Earheart. The band purportedly learned of Ball from a plaque in a Pittsburgh-area airport, memorializing Ball with the epitath “a beacon of light in the world of flight”.

When was Clifford Ball Phish?

It was performed on August 16 and August 17, 1996 at Plattsburgh Air Force Base in Plattsburgh, NY, chronicling the first of ten Phish festivals….The Clifford Ball (video)

The Clifford Ball
Starring Phish
Music by Phish
Distributed by JEMP
Release date March 3, 2009

Why did Phish call it the Clifford Ball?

What was Phish’s first festival?

the Clifford Ball
August 1997: In 1996, the band played its first major festival, the Clifford Ball, held at the decommissioned Plattsburgh Air Force Base in upstate New York, just across Lake Champlain from Burlington.

How many people were at the Clifford Ball Phish?

The Clifford Ball was an absolutely phenomenal, unequivocably religious, amazing event at the former Air Force Base in Plattsburgh, New York, in August 1996. Phish performed three sets and an encore on each of the two show days, of a Friday-to-Sunday event, where some 70-80,000 fans camped on site for three days.

Who has seen the most Phish shows?

Kenny Dennis of Locust Valley has seen Phish 51 times since he first saw them at Nassau Coliseum in 1998.

What was the largest Phish festival?

For years, much of the U.S. concert industry was too spooked to plan any more festivals. But just five months after Woodstock, Phish held their most successful fest ever: Big Cypress, which brought 85,000 enthusiastic, peaceful fans to a Seminole reservation in Florida to ring in the year 2000.

What year was Magna ball?


Will Phish be canceled?

Phish Postpones 2021 New Year’s Run At Madison Square Garden To April 2022 Amid Omicron Surge. Phish has made the call to postpone its four-night 2021–2022 New Year’s run at Madison Square Garden, originally scheduled to take place on 12/29, 12/30, 12/31, and 1/1.

What does Yemsg mean?

You Enjoy Myself/Madison Square Garden This abbreviation is used when Phish plays the Garden, most notably on NYE.