How many first author publications are there?

How many first author publications are there?

Robert Ross, a panelist at the seminar entitled “Life after the PhD: Finding the Right Postdoctoral Position,” in psychology, prospective universities look for applicants who have published at least 10 papers, although it is not a requirement that the applicant is listed as the first author.

Can there be 3 first authors?

Only one of the authors will appear as first author, in any publication. Every other entry is a secondary entry. However, corresponding authors could be as many as three depending on the multi-disciplinary nature of the article.

What does being first author on a publication mean?

The first author should be that person who contributed most to the work, including writing of the manuscript. The sequence of authors should be determined by the relative overall contributions to the manuscript. It is common practice to have the senior author appear last, sometimes regardless of his or her contribution …

How many publications should you have after PhD?

3 publications
Popular replies (1) Irrespective of the university requirements for a PhD, in my opinion, every PhD candidate should aim at producing at least 3 publications from their work before graduation. This is good for their future academic career rating in sourcing for research grants.

Can there be several first authors?

Shared co-first authorship is defined as two or more authors who have worked together on a publication and contributed equally [8]. This equal contribution is often indicated in the fine print of a published paper or in an investigator’s curriculum vitae [9].

How important is being a first author?

For post-doctoral researchers and senior professors, publishing first-authored papers is important for receiving funding and getting promoted or re-hired. Thus, the first name in an author list is the most sought-after position in a scientific publication.

Is first author publication important?

What is a good number of publications?

to Research Associate Professor: 25-30 publications total, with at least 5 statistical methods papers, at least 5-10 health science publications, at least 3-5 first authored papers (or first-author equivalent publications), and at least 3 top-tier publications.

How many publications does the average PhD student have?

The average number of publications per student was 4.3. About 174 Journal of Scholarly Publishing Page 5 half of those publications were first/solo authored by the student.

How do you indicate two first authors?

Traditionally, co-first authors are indicated by an asterisk and the order of the individuals is the decision of the PI. Once the paper is published, it appears in print as follows: co-Author 1*, co-Author 2*, Author 3, and Author 4.

Is first author better than last author?

Typically in my field, the first author is the one who makes the most significant contributions to the research work, such as acquiring and analyzing the results, or to writing the manuscript. The last author is the lead PI, who has supervised, financed, or otherwise been the main person responsible for the project.

Do first author papers matter?

Does being a first author matter?