How many Gopalganj are there in India?

How many Gopalganj are there in India?

There are 14 Taluks, 1534 villages and 5 towns in Gopalganj district. As per the Census India 2011, Gopalganj district has 413044 households, population of 2562012 of which 1267666 are males and 1294346 are female….About District.

Sl. No. River Name Area in Square KMs
14 GANDAK 60.54047630120

Which district is Gopalganj?

Gopalganj (Bengali: গোপালগঞ্জ জেলা) is a district (zilla in Bengali) in the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh. The district has about 1,172,415 civilians and its surface area is 1,490 km2….Gopalganj District, Bangladesh.

Population (2011 census)
• Total 1,172,415
• Density 800/km2 (2,100/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+06:00 (BST)

How many villages are there in Gopalganj district?

1566 villages
Gopalganj district of Bihar, India is divided into 2 sub-divisions, 14 Blocks and has a total of 1566 villages. There are 169 uninhabited villages (out of 1,566 total villages) in the district of Gopalganj.

Where is Gopalganj in UP?

Gopalganj is one of the administrative districts in the Indian state of Bihar. The district headquarters is the town of Gopalganj, and the district is part of Saran Division. Major language spoken is Bhojpuri….Gopalganj district, India.

Gopalganj district
• Density 1,260/km2 (3,300/sq mi)
• Literacy 65.47%
• Sex ratio 1021

Why is Gopalganj famous for?

A quaint town in Bihar, Gopalganj has evolved from an obscure small hamlet to an emerging industrial town. Known for its large production of sugarcane, it also houses several sugar mills. This humble historical town is full of surprises, waiting to be explored.

Who is the DM of Gopalganj district?

Collector & District Magistrate

Personal Profile Contact Details
Name: Dr. Nawal Kishor Choudhary Service/Cadre/Allotment Year: IAS/Bihar/2013 Place of Domicile: Bihar Phone: 06156-226001 (O), 226002(R) Fax: 06156-226003 (O), 226004(R) Mobile : 9473191278

Why is tungipara famous for?

Tungipara (Bengali: টুঙ্গিপাড়া) is an upazila of Gopalganj District in the Division of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is the birthplace of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder of independent Bangladesh and his grave is also here.

Why is Gopalganj famous?

Who is the present DM of Gopalganj?

Dr. Nawal Kishor Choudhary
District Administration

Name Designation Email
Dr. Nawal Kishor Choudhary, I.A.S. Collector & District Magistrate dm-gopalganj[dot]bih[at]nic[dot]in

Who is MP of Gopalganj Bihar?

Members of Parliament

Election Name Party
2004 Sadhu Yadav Rashtriya Janata Dal
2009 Purnmasi Ram Janata Dal (United)
2014 Janak Ram Bharatiya Janata Party
2019 Alok Kumar Suman Janata Dal (United)

What is famous food of Gopalganj?

Food: The staple food of the people is wheat, Litti and rice. Fairs and festivals : All festivals like Durga – Pooja, Deepawali, Janamashtami, Kali Pooja, Sarswati Pooja, Nag Panchemi, Chhath Pooja, Shiv Ratri, Id, Bakarid, and Mohharam are celebrated with great religious enthusiasm spirit and harmony.

What type of town is Gopalganj?

Gopalganj is a town in Gopalgonj District in the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh. It serves as the headquarters of Gopalgonj District and Gopalganj Sadar Upazila.

Who is BDO of Gopalganj?

Shri Abhishek Ranjan, I.A.S.

Who is SDM in Gopalganj Bihar?

Shri Anand Kumar, I.P.S.

Who is prime minister of Bangladesh?

Sheikh HasinaBangladesh / Prime minister

Who is the BDO of Gopalganj?

Nawal Kishor Choudhary, I. A.S.

How many Vidhan Sabha are there in Gopalganj?

Gopalganj Assembly constituency

District Gopalganj
Constituency No. 101
Type Open
Lok Sabha constituency 17. Gopalganj (SC)

What is the population of Gopalganj?

Gopalganj District sex ratio is 1,021 females per 1000 of males. Next Gopalganj District Census will be in 2022-2023….Gopalganj District Blocks Population.

Blocks Gopalganj
Population 2011 152,188
Male 76,980
Female 75,208
Households 25,585