How many people use the M6 Toll a day?

How many people use the M6 Toll a day?

More than 50,000 vehicles use the M6toll every day, and the 250 millionth driver is expected in July 2019.

Is it worth using M6 toll road?

It’s purely about cost. If you can take your time then it’s not worth it.” Figures from Midland Expressway Limited showed it was used an average of 36,000 times a day in 2011 and 2012 and 43,000 times a day so far in 2013.

Is the M6 Toll profitable?

The toll road, which runs near Cannock, has never made a profit due to the large costs associated with building it but its revenues continue to climb year on year.

What is the benefit of the M6 Toll?

The M6 Toll was designed primarily to provide an easier route for traffic driving past Birmingham when travelling from the north west of the country to London and the south east.

How much money does the M6toll make a year?

A major Midlands motorway rakes in a staggering £90 million a year and is the second grossing toll in the country, an eye-opening report has revealed.

How much distance does the M6toll save?

The operator claims the M6 Toll saves motorists approximately 45 minutes on an average journey time by avoiding the heavily congested section of the M6 north of Birmingham.

Does the M6toll save time?

† Time saving: Based on analysis of 859 M6toll road users who responded to an e-survey in 2019, users save on average 25 minutes on their M6toll journeys as compared with the average time the same journey would take on alternative roads.

How busy is the M6toll?

M6 Toll. The M6 Toll is often viewed as an inconvenience. It’s not particularly busy, used by less than 50,000 motorists a day, but slowing to pay a toll can still lead to queues.

Where does the money from the M6toll go?

Ownership of the M6 Toll has passed from one Australian company to another. Now, it’s a group of pension funds that sees the road as a good investment.

How much distance does the M6 Toll save?

Who owns the M6 Toll?

IFM Investors
In June 2006 the decision to not increase tolls was put down to disappointing traffic levels and led to a reduction in value for the owner. In 2010 MIG was split into two, and the M6 Toll is now managed by Macquarie Atlas Roads. The road was put up for sale in 2016 and was sold to IFM Investors in June 2017.

Is the M6toll privately owned?

Unlike other motorways in the UK, the M6toll is privately owned. It was built and privately funded by Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL). It will continue to be run by MEL until 2054. The toll you pay on each journey goes towards maintaining the M6toll road.

What’s quicker M6 or M6toll?

Often the main M6 shows as actually quicker. There’s usually very little difference. Thanks all. The price is high per mile, but the time saving sounds worth it.

Are there speed cameras on the M6 toll?

The M6toll connects the M6 at Junction 3a to Junction 11a of the M6, covering a total distance of 27 miles – or 43 kilometres. Safety on our road is our top priority. There are CCTV cameras along the route as well as emergency telephones.

Are there speed cameras on the M6toll?

Who owns the M6toll?

How much money does the M6 toll make a year?

Who owns the M6 toll?

How much did it cost to build M6 Toll?

Built at a cost of £900 million the road, stretching 27 miles from Coleshill to Cannock, was designed to take 74,000 vehicles per day.