How many students AT narrabundah College?

How many students AT narrabundah College?

945 students
Narrabundah College is a large and vibrant government co-educational college nestled in beautiful grounds located near the parliamentary triangle. The college has over 945 students in years 11 and 12 and offers a challenging curriculum in a caring environment to meet the needs of students in a globalised world.

Is it hard to get into Narrabundah College?

As far as getting into Narrabundah, it is tricky if you live outside of the catchment area however it is not impossible. You need to position yourself in such as way as to show that Narrabundah (if that is your chosen college) is the only college that you can attend.

Does Narrabundah College have a uniform?

Narrabundah College is a Coeducation secondary school, serving years 11-12. The uniform is compulsory and enforced.

Is Narrabundah College a good school?

My time at narrabundah was awful….

School sector: Government
ICSEA value: 1175, ranks No.9 More ICSEA Ranking…
High school rank: No.4 (2015), No.3 (2014), No.3 (2013), No.3 (2012), No.2 (2011)
Location: Narrabundah

How old is Narrabundah College?

Narrabundah College is a government college that teaches the last two years of secondary education in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)….

Narrabundah College
Established 1974
Principal Kerrie Grundy
Enrolment ~939
Campus Urban

What’s the postcode for narrabundah?

2604Narrabundah / Postal code

Does Year 11 count towards Atar?

If you accelerate your studies by attempting an HSC course in Year 11, your scaled marks for that course will be calculated in the year you complete it and contribute to your ATAR the following year. Your studies this year do matter.

Is year 11 a college?

Year Eleven pupils are educated in Secondary schools or in Area schools. Year 11 was previously known as the 5th Form and for most students they are studying for NCEA Level 1 which equates to what was previously known as School Certificate.

Is Gungahlin College good?

Gungahlin College, Gungahlin School Profile, Ranking, Reviews. It’s the best school my child has ever gone to. This school has helped my child to learn and grow up. poor quality teaching and no accountability from staff, very unhappy with several teaches who provide very basic lessons, complaints ignored.

When was Telopea Park School built?

1923Telopea Park School / Founded

It was founded in 1923, making it the oldest school in Canberra. Telopea Park School is one of the few public schools in the Australian Capital Territory to teach students from Kindergarten to Year 10 and is the only bi-national school in Canberra.

When was narrabundah built?

Information about the Suburb: Narrabundah was established in 1947 after being delayed by World War II.

How old is narrabundah?

Narrabundah was gazetted as a division name on 20 September 1928. Narrabundah was the last of the ‘inner south’ suburbs to be developed, commencing in 1947, after being delayed by World War II.

What grade is 16 in the Philippines?


School Grades Age
Junior high school Grade 10 15–16 or 14–15
Senior high school Grade 11 16–17 or 15–16
Grade 12 17–18 or 16–17

When did Gungahlin College open?

Established in 2011 Gungahlin College has been purpose built for teaching and learning in the 3rd millennium. The college design, facilities and fit out make Gungahlin College the finest example of senior secondary education in Australia.

What council is narrabundah in?

Welcome – Old Narrabundah Community Council Inc. The ONCC acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the Canberra region, the Ngunnawal People. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and their contribution to the Narrabundah community.

Does every Year 12 get an ATAR?

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is a number between 0.00 and 99.95 that indicates a student’s position relative to all the students in their age group (ie all 16 to 20 year olds in NSW). So, an ATAR of 80.00 means that you are 20 per cent from the top of your age group (not your Year 12 group).