How many watts is the Logitech z4?

How many watts is the Logitech z4?

40 watts
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Configuration 2.1
Total Power 40 watts
Satellite RMS Power /ea 8.5 watts RMS x 2 (into 4 ohms, @ 1khz, @ 10% THD)
Subwoofer RMS Power 23 watts
Frequency Response 35Hz – 20KHz

Is the Logitech z213 good?

Very sleek in appearance and can get very loud while keeping great quality sound. Exceptionally good for the price and I recommend these to anyone looking for an upgrade. Upgraded to these from a 12+ year old set of Logitech. Logitech is a great brand!

How many watts is Logitech z333?


How many watts is the Logitech Z 2300?

200 watts
With 200 watts of RMS power, this system will deliver thunderous audio for your music, movies and games.

Does Logitech z213 have Bluetooth?

No bluetooth and it is cumbersome to plug in and out from the 3.5mm jack if I would like to listen music stored in my phone. Recommendation: As an entry level system, it is a buy for people who is looking for simplicity that compliment with their home computer. A quick summary on the specs.

Is Logitech Z333 good?

Final Verdict. In conclusion, the Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers are an exceptional value at around $60-80. If you can find them for under $80, then you’re at a great price point. The next step up are the Logitech Z537 speakers adding Bluetooth functionality and 120 watts of peak power.

Are Z313 Speakers good?

Now the Logitech Z313 Speakers have a built-in large bass gain, and also a light to moderate treble EQ that’s not adjustable, but it’s reasonably EQ’d up. It won’t please purists, but the 10 dollar step up in sound fidelity and loudness is amazing, you can feel the bass pretty well and songs sound pretty darn good.

Is Logitech Z120 good?

The Z120 has a single full-range driver but being a compact set, has a poor bass response. We also tested the speakers with a number of movies. Sound separation is distinct. The volume output for these compact speakers was good, but the audio quality continued to slack when the volume was set to full.

When did Logitech Z213 come out?

July 10 2014
Additional Information

Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars 76,060 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank #6 in Computer Speakers
Date First Available July 10 2014
Manufacturer Logitech Canada

Does Logitech Z333 have Bluetooth?

Which is essentially just Logitech’s Z333 Bold Sound 2.1 speaker system with added Bluetooth support. And yes, these are desktop speakers that must be powered from a wall outlet, and are not portable in any reasonable way.

Is Logitech Z313 good for music?