How Marlon Brando got the role in The Godfather?

How Marlon Brando got the role in The Godfather?

Coppola said in an interview cited by THR that he remembers Brando stuffing his mouth with Kleenex and smearing shoe polish in his hair to transform into Don Vito Corleone. Once the studio saw the tape, he was given the role. Brando won an Academy Award for playing the crime boss, which he subsequently turned down.

Why did Marlon Brando leave The Godfather?

According to Screenrant, Brando just didn’t show up after being “mistreated by Paramount” during the production of the first film. Coppola then had to rewrite the scene in order to focus on Sonny. Despite only working for one day on the sequel, Caan “earned the same amount as he made on the first entry.”

Who did Marlon Brando portray in The Godfather?

Vito Corleone

Vito Corleone
Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone in the film The Godfather
First appearance The Godfather
Last appearance The Godfather: The Game
Created by Mario Puzo

What did Brando think of The Godfather?

He was regarded as toxic, washed up, and, according to producer Robert Evans, “as dead as could be.” For his part, Brando wasn’t even interested in the role at first. He originally dismissed it saying, “I’m not a Mafia Godfather I’m not going to glorify the Mafia.”

Who was Michael Corleone based on?

Michael Corleone is loosely based on Joseph Bonanno and Vito Genovese. Bonanno became a boss of his own family at a very young age and he relocated some of his businesses to Arizona in the 1960s. Genovese had fled to Sicily in the 1930s due to murder charges and ordered the deaths of rival bosses in the 1950s.

Who was the Best Actor in The Godfather?

Marlon Brando’s performance as Vito Corleone in The Godfather is one of the most iconic performances of all time. He manages to portray a menacing figure who is also a compassionate father. He ended up winning Best Actor at the Academy Awards in 1973.