How much are Kimberley kruisers?

How much are Kimberley kruisers?

The Kamper model will fall between $33,000 and $55,000 USD, the Karavan between $60,000 and $75,000 USD, and the Cruiser between $70,000 and $135,000 USD, which is actually very competitive with the Australian market.

Do they still make Kimberley Kampers?

The first Kimberley Kampers rolled out of the factory in 1994. And it’s still rolling, and rolling strong. Since then, over 8,000 Kimberley Kampers, Karavans and Kruisers have been sold to passionate owners across Australia and 17 countries worldwide. We believe over 95% of these units are still in use today.

How much does a Kimberley Karavan cost?

Kimberley Kampers has built all-terrain campers for upwards of a quarter-century in Australia, but they’re now available for adventurers in the US market. Pricing for the entry-level Karavan Classic starts at $89,990, with the higher-spec Eco-Suite starting at $115,950.

Where are Kimberley Kampers made?

Kimberley Kampers is a 100% Australian company employing over 100 people in Ballina. Kimberley is a direct investor in China. Kimberley designs, manufactures and markets the biggest range of off-road caravans and camper trailers in Australia.

Who owns Kimberly kampers?

New joint owners, former south-east Queensland dealer, James Cockburn and former General Manager, Brett McLaren have got the Balina factory humming again, with 21 of the current 22-strong workforce being former employees, although Cockburn says it will be a while before the business recovers to its former 70-strong …

How heavy is a Kimberley Karavan?

Easy towing Its lack of storage space means that few travellers will test its modest ATM of 2400kg, with Cockburn saying that the average Karavan with water tanks full and ready to travel weighs in at 2100-2200kg.

Are Black Series campers made in Australia?

Like the latest Black Series camper trailers, the new off-road caravans are largely built in China, with final assembly including fitment of locally-sourced European and Australian fittings and appliances completed at the company’s Sydney factory.

How heavy is a Kimberley Kamper?

weight of 1.26 tonnes and a high ball weight of 156kg.

Is Black Series Australian made?

Is MDC a good brand?

MDC is a very successful Australian company that produces campers and caravans. These campers are marketed as tough and sturdy enough to handle all road conditions, but a few problems occur frequently.

Are MDC caravans Australian made?

MDC Camper Trailers is proudly leading the way in innovation and camper trailer manufacturing in Australia.

Are Black Series campers any good?

The 2018 Black Series Dominator is an exceptional camper trailer and at such a great price. Our first trip away just last weekend and the dominator went so well, so very happy with it. Took it over some really rough dirt road, firetrails, mountains, and it towed extremely well.

Are Black Series caravans made in China?

It is said that Black Series Campers have company connections with China. Originally designed for the rigors of the Australian outback, it appears that GIC formed connections with factories in China to construct some parts of the campers.