How much did the Gorgon Project cost?

How much did the Gorgon Project cost?

$US55 billion
Gorgon is one of the world’s largest LNG projects and the largest single resource project in Australia’s history at a total cost of $US55 billion.

What is Chevron Gorgon Project?

Gorgon is a story of energy and the environment as well as technology and expertise. Based on Barrow Island, the Gorgon Project includes a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility with three processing units designed to produce 15.6 million metric tons of LNG per year. This includes a domestic natural gas plant.

When did the Gorgon Project start?

December 2009
“Construction on the project formally began in December 2009 and completed in March 2016, making it the fourth LNG export development in Australia.” The Gorgon gas field was discovered by West Australian Petroleum (WAPET) in 1980.

Where is Gorgon located?

Western Australia
The Gorgon Project is located on Barrow Island, around 60 kilometres off the northwest coast of Western Australia.

Can you stay on Barrow Island?

Accommodation in Barrow Island Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer hotels in or near Barrow Island. However, Dampier has some places to stay. You’ll find it 140 kilometres from Barrow Island. Recommended hotels are the Karratha International Hotel and Comfort Inn & Suites Karratha.

What is Barrow Island used for?

WA oil operations Since the first discovery of oil in 1964 and commencement of production in 1967, the Barrow Island oil field has yielded more than 335 million barrels of oil and delivered more than $1 billion in revenue to the Western Australian community.

What is the main goal of quarantine on Barrow Island?

Barrow Island is a Class A nature reserve and there are strict quarantine guidelines in place to help protect its unique environment. To ensure the preservation of Barrow Island’s flora and fauna, all travellers are required to complete a quarantine induction course prior to travel to the island.

Does anyone live on Barrow Island?

Barrow Island is a suburb in the Ashburton Region of Western Australia. Barrow Island has a population of 1,964 people and NA of its occupants live in rental accommodation.

Can you visit Barrow Island?

Barrow Island is a working oilfield and there is no public access to this important nature reserve. However, you may visit the surrounding waters by private boat.