How much does a Fox shock cost?

How much does a Fox shock cost?

FOX FLOAT DPS Factory Rear Shock – Standard, 6.5 x 1.5″, EVOL SV, Remote Up, Kashima Coat. $499.00. Pre-Order.

How much travel does the Fox Float RP2 have?

Trek Fox Float RP2 DRCV 120mm travel Rear Shock with Pro pedal. Good condition and in perfect working order.

How much is a Fox Float X2?

$699.00. Pre-Order. FOX FLOAT X2 Factory Rear Shock – Standard, 7.875 x 2″, 2-Position Lever, Kashima Coat.

How much are the new Fox forks?

2022 Fox 34 and Fox 34 SC models and pricing Prices start at £879 / $799 / €1,069 for the Fox 34 Performance and rise to £1,119 / $1,089 / €1,459 for the Fox 34 SC Factory fork. Across the two ranges, five models are available in total.

Why are FOX shocks the best?

FOX Jeep shocks are made of aluminum because 6061 aluminum’s thermal conductivity value is over four times that of low carbon steel. This means that aluminum FOX shocks are able to cool much better than painted steel shocks, and they are extremely resistant to rust.

How much does it cost to rebuild FOX shocks?


OEM Raptor Front w/Coil $125 $35
2.5 Bypass 2.5 Internal Bypass 3.0 Bypass XP 1000 Front $150 $35
3.0 Internal Bypass 3.5 Bypass XP 1000 Rear $250 $35
4.0 Bypass $300 $35

Does the Fox Float DPS lockout?

The Fox DPS shock has no actual lockout in the sense the shock “locks” out. The shock has three settings, Open, Medium and Firm, with the Firm setting being exactly what it sounds like, firm. Unlike the prior Fox lockouts, the shock will cycle in the firm setting if it takes a heavy hit.

What PSI should my Fox Float be?

The FOX Floats come set with pressures of approximately 90 psi in the MAIN chamber and 100 psi in the EVOL chamber.

What is the difference between Fox DPX2 and X2?

The Float DPX2 is going to be more of your trail shock, available on 120-160mm bikes, while the Float X2 is more of a heavy hitter of an air shock, coming on enduro and downhill bikes with 150mm-200mm of travel.

How much travel is a Fox 34?

The new 34 comes in 130mm or 140mm travel and with either the GRIP2 damper or Fox’s familiar (and simpler) FIT4, which is 75 grams lighter, fits a remote, and has one rebound knob and a three-position (open/medium/firm) lever.

Are FOX shocks worth it?

What does DPS stand for Fox shock?

Dual Piston System
The new Dual Piston System, or DPS in Fox-speak, relies on the main piston to control compression damping in the open and medium modes, while a second piston is now employed for lockout duties.

Is the Fox Racing RP2 rear shock any good?

FOX RACING RP2 REAR SHOCK This shock is used and has not been tested on a bike but was said to be in great working condition when it was taken off the original bike. Has been holding air for 6+ months. The ProPedal adjustment appears to be working fine. However this shock may need a rebuild or other maintenance.

What is the compression on a Fox Shox float RP2?

Fox Shox Float RP2 8.5 x 2.5 air rebound compression to lock-out propedal Med. tune. Removed from a 2011 Specialized enduro Used and in Excellant condition very low mileage. please ask questions and check the pictures closely before bidding. All item/items usually ship next business day.

What is a Fox float RP2 drcv shock?

It’s a Fox Float RP2 DRCV Shock off of a Trek Remedy. It was a backup and hasn’t been used much. It’s an RP2. Non-Kashima, and has two settings: open and ProPedal. Hardware is not included. It will fit 26-inch Remedys.

What is the best Fox Racing Shocks for mountain bikes?

Bicycle Mountain Bike Fox Racing Shocks Float RP2 Rear Shock Boostvalve Rebound This has been used for a few months by a person who was not very big and did not ride much. It is in perfect working order. Eye to eye length 6 1/2″ 165mm) 6mm Hardware Pro Pedal Switch Check out my! Clean 2012 Fox Float RP2 Pro Pedal 6.5 x 1.5 inches eye to eye.