How much does a high school athletic director make in North Carolina?

How much does a high school athletic director make in North Carolina?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $93,718 and as low as $14,078, the majority of High School Athletic Director salaries currently range between $27,753 (25th percentile) to $49,473 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $73,204 annually in North Carolina.

Are athletic directors in demand?

Athletic directors are in high demand; and positions will require managerial experience, sharp business minds, and the ability to maintain work efficiency.

What is the job of an athletic director at a university?

The role of an athletic director is to manage all facets of an athletic program, including scheduling, hiring coaches, promoting programs and events, ordering equipment, constructing budgets, and facilitating operations. Athletic directors also often help fundraise events and supervise sports personnel.

Do school board members get paid in NC?

“The school board chair and vice chair receive slightly more, with the chair receiving $1,153.75 a month and the vice chair receiving $1,072.50 a month. “Per N.C. Statute 115C-38, the Forsyth County Commissioners are responsible for setting the compensation rate for school board members.

Is being an athletic director worth it?

Job Growth and Excellent pay That’s not even including overseas jobs, lower-division college jobs, and middle school openings. You can bet that there’s a handsome salary that accompanies each one of those positions as well. An athletic director with a master’s degree can top $95,000 per year.

Is an athletic director a good career?

So, if you are an organized person who thrives in a position of leadership and enjoys sports, a career as an athletic director may be a good fit for you. Athletic directors typically enjoy working with coaches and athletes to help teams reach their potential.

Do Burke County school board members get paid?

However, Burke County school board members are the most highly compensated in Western North Carolina.

How much do teachers in NC make an hour?

The average salary for a teacher is $19.81 per hour in North Carolina.

What does a sport director do?

A sports director is in charge of a sports program or organization, usually for a school, athletic team, or recreational facility. Your main job duties are overseeing the entire athletic department by supervising the facility as well as hiring and managing coaches and other staff members.

What skills do you need to be an athletic director?

Five Qualities Athletic Directors Should Possess

  • Excellent Analytical and Budgeting Capabilities.
  • Outstanding Communication Skills.
  • Interpersonal Leadership Abilities.
  • Organizational Abilities.
  • Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle.

How much do Ivy League athletic directors make?

The median compensation for a men’s basketball coach at an American university is now $290,000, according to a survey of 87 institutions recently reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Football coaches came in at $268,000, and athletic directors at $158,000.

What skills do athletic directors need?