How much does it cost to get into Huguenot Park?

How much does it cost to get into Huguenot Park?

Pedestrian and bicycle entry 6 a.m. – Close: $3. Vehicle entry (up to six people and $1 ea additional person) 6 a.m.- Close: $5. Bus fee: $50.

Why is Huguenot Park closed?

The Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department reports that Huguenot Park sustained an estimated $900,000 in damage from Hurricane Matthew. Parks Director Daryl Joseph said that the park’s entry road sustained the most significant damage. The entire road is cracked to the point that it’s not safe for visitors to use.

What happened Huguenot Park?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Just over four hours after authorities were called to Huguenot Memorial Park because of a missing swimmer Saturday, crews were spotted removing what appeared to be a body from a boat at Alimacani Park, about a mile north of Huguenot.

How much does it cost to camp at Huguenot Park?

Rate reflects $24 electric camping fee and $5 for single dog. As indicated, dogs are restricted to your rig and the campgrounds. No beach or even walking to the day areas….“Sounds of Freedom…”

Nightly rate: $29
Site Number: 45

Can you drive on the beach at Huguenot Park?

Huguenot Memorial Park is located off Heckesher Drive just north of Jacksonville. Admission is $5 a car. You can drive right on the beach and park.

Can u drive on Huguenot beach?

Can you have alcohol at Huguenot Park?

Alcoholic Beverages, Glass Containers & Illegal Narcotics: All are prohibited in accordance with City of Jacksonville Ordinances and State of Florida Statutes. Violators may be ejected from the park without a refund.

Does Huguenot Park allow dogs?

Dogs are allowed entrance to the park areas as well as the campsites but must remain on a lead of no greater than six feet at all times. Huguenot Memorial Park is a private beach, camping area, and community park.

Can you grill on the beach at Huguenot park?

If you are seeking shade, be sure to pack a tent or reserve one of the pavilions along the beach. Bonus: Use the grill in the Pavilion area for some barbecue cooking. AFTERNOON: When you are ready to explore some more, Huguenot has incomparable wildlife watching as one of the Great Florida Birding Trail sites.

Are dogs allowed at Huguenot park?