How much does it cost to install Apex trigger?

How much does it cost to install Apex trigger?

If you did NOT purchase your parts directly from Apex, then you are not eligible for the free installation offer and our standard labor charge of $85 for a complete trigger kit install applies.

What are Apex triggers made of?

The new Glock Action Enhancement Trigger replaces the factory polymer trigger with an anodized aluminum trigger body featuring a center mounted pivoting safety. The trigger reduces pre-travel and overall travel, shortens the reset, provides a smooth uptake and reset and delivers a crisp trigger break.

Does Apex Tactical install triggers?

We will ONLY install trigger kits from Apex Tactical; do not send kits from any other company for installation. This package includes installing the Apex Duty Carry Action Enhancement Kit (DCAEK). The Apex Fully Machined Sear and trigger bar are polished to run as smoothly as possible as part of this service.

Are Apex trigger aluminum?

“Like all Apex parts the new AEK Trigger gives our customers the enhanced performance they demand in a duty carry gun or in competition.” The new AEK Trigger is machined from a solid piece of aluminum billet and hard coat anodized for durability.

What is a forward set trigger?

Designed to work in any Smith & Wesson M&P model pistol in a centerfire caliber, the Apex Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit reduces trigger pre-travel and over-travel, while allowing the shooter to position their finger at an increased leverage point lower on the trigger face to take advantage of lower trigger …

Who makes 9mm Hellcat?

HS Produkt

Springfield Armory Hellcat
Designed c. 2019
Manufacturer HS Produkt
Unit cost $569 (MSRP, standard version) $599 (MSRP, OSP version)
Produced 2019–present

Can I shoot plus P in a Hellcat?

In real-world terms, this will give a small velocity increase over standard pressure ammo. Federal advertises the +P 124-grain HST as having 50 FPS more than the standard pressure version. The Hellcat is rated for +P ammo and there should be no concerns about shooting it, even regularly.

Is Apex trigger metal?

Is a flat faced trigger better?

Flat triggers offer a greater surface area for engagement as well as a longer reach. On the other hand, a curved trigger presents a more comfortable distribution of pressure, which some shooters prefer.

What does an Apex trigger do?

Apex triggers enable you to perform custom actions before or after events to records in Salesforce, such as insertions, updates, or deletions. Just like database systems support triggers, Apex provides trigger support for managing records.

What does OSP mean on Hellcat?

Optical Sight Pistol
The OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) variant features a milled slide to accept the smallest, most popular micro red dot optics on the market.

How far can a Hellcat shoot?

Well, the Hellcat can do it at 200 yards. That’s a respectable feat.