How much does it cost to sit in Millionaires Row?

How much does it cost to sit in Millionaires Row?

The Millionaires Row and Skye Terrace dining rooms provides scenic vantage points to view the races from a tiered balcony overlooking the finish line, or via televisions monitors from the comfort of your table. Tickets start at $42.00 per person based on what dining rooms are initially available for regular race days.

What is the best seating at Churchill Downs?

The Clubhouse is the most elite area of seating at Churchill Downs. Dress code is required and this is where majority of celebrities watch the race from. The Clubhouse begins at the center-most part of the track and stretches all the way down to the first bend.

What is Millionaire’s Row at Churchill Downs?

Millionaires Row is an exclusive interior dining room where each interior table offers scenic views of the racetrack from its three-tiered covered balcony and from the televisions surrounding each dining table.

Where is Millionaire’s Row at Churchill Downs?

The best seat at Churchill Downs is at the Turf Club and Millionaire’s Row. The exclusive, members-only lounge and dining room located in the clubhouse section is directly overlooking the racetrack’s finish line and comes with premium amenities.

Are there concessions at Churchill Downs?

Churchill Downs Dining & Beverage Options A variety of concession stands are placed all over Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby. Typical concession foods like chicken fingers, hot dogs, nachos and barbeque sandwiches are available to all guests to purchase.

Where do the celebrities sit at Churchill Downs?

Third Floor Clubhouse Most of these eight-seat boxes are covered and boast private TV monitors and a spectacular view from high above the track. If you want to mingle with industry experts and celebrities, the third-floor clubhouse is the place to be.

Does Churchill Downs serve alcohol?

A full bar is available for purchase. Kentucky Derby & Kentucky Oaks. * Ability to purchase one box in Section 111 for 2022 Derbyand Oaks.

How much is a beer at Churchill Downs?

The cost of entry doubles to $14 for Saturday’s Downs After Dark. In addition to the additional few dollars to enter the gates, the $1 beers on Thursday evenings are now $2.

How much is a private suite at Kentucky Derby?

$3,500 – $5,000 per ticket
Kentucky Derby Suite Prices At Churchill Downs, Turf/Infield Suites will typically range from $3,500 – $5,000 per ticket. Turf Club tickets will range from $4,000 – $6,500 per ticket. Millionaires Row tickets will be about the same as Turf Club in the $4,000 – $6,000 range per ticket.

What food is served at Churchill Downs?

The Best Food at the Kentucky Derby

  • Derby Sundae. Consider this a Derby-style twist on a classic ice cream sundae.
  • Cracklins’ with Pimento Cheese.
  • Loaded Kentucky Nachos.
  • Kentucky Burgoo.
  • Benedictine.
  • Old Forester Mint Julep.
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.
  • Chicken Tenders and Fries.

How much do drinks cost at Churchill Downs?

Why Is The Kentucky Derby Mint Julep So Expensive? Churchill Downs usually sells mint juleps for $11 each, but for some swanky clients the drink can cost as much as $1,000, simply because they’re sometimes served in 24-carat gold plated cups with silver straws.

Where do rich people sit at the Kentucky Derby?

8. A Seat in The Mansion. Everyone knows about the famous Millionaires Row, but those who have the money to take it a step above that and really do the Derby in style opt for a seat in The Mansion. Even the furniture in this suite is top of the line and super expensive.

Does the queen watch the Kentucky Derby?

Fans stood for almost an hour to see the queen, most only caught her motorcade. But they were still excited to know she was around. She got a tour of the trophy room and watched the Derby with her husband Prince Philip and others. The queen stuck around for about three hours before she left.

How much does a beer cost at Churchill Downs?

Miller Transportation[8] is an official partner of Churchill Downs and provides shuttles from the downtown area and remote parking areas from $10-$20, depending on location. The traditional Kentucky Derby mint julep is made from bourbon, mint and sugar syrup and costs about $9. Beer prices are $3-$6.

What is the Millionaires Row at Churchill Downs?

Churchill Downs will create a finely-curated culinary experience for guests of Kentucky Derby 2020 with an $11 million renovation of 6 th floor Millionaires Row. The update will offer upscale guest offerings and elevated service for up to 350 guests with a prime and picturesque view of the racetrack’s finish line.

What is the Millionaires Row at the Kentucky Derby?

Millionaires Row is an exclusive interior dining room where each interior table offers scenic views of the racetrack from its three-tiered covered balcony and from the televisions surrounding each dining table. Tables of 8 and Includes access to live mutuel tellers, self-service wagering machines and restrooms

Is the Millionaire’s Row at the track heated?

Millioniare’s Row is enclosed, and heated, but you can watch the races from a terrace outside the… windows. Bingo, I would spring for the extra cost any day, but especially the day we went. Let’s just say the Mudders did well that day.

Is Millionaires Row&Skye Terrace worth the money?

There is no better place to enjoy horse racing than Millionaires Row & Skye Terrace! The food is worth the $ and the view of the track is amazing! Go for it! Helpful?