How much is 50 euro cents worth?

How much is 50 euro cents worth?

The 50 euro cent coin (€0.50) has a value of half a euro and is composed of an alloy called nordic gold. All coins have a common reverse side and country-specific national sides. The coin has been used since 2002, with the present common-side design dating from 2007. 24 variations, see below.

How much is 50 euro to a dollar?

53.5974 USD
Convert Euro to US Dollar

5 EUR 5.35974 USD
10 EUR 10.7195 USD
25 EUR 26.7987 USD
50 EUR 53.5974 USD

What 50 cent coins are worth the most?

This time around, we break down the most valuable half dollar cents in circulation….

  • 1917 Walking Liberty half dollar – $2,752.
  • 1921 Walking Liberty half dollar – $942.
  • 1904 Barber silver half dollar – $771.
  • 1824 Capped bust half dollar – $735.

What euro coins are gold?


Value Main colour Diameter (mm)
20c Gold 22.25
50c 24.25
€1 Silver 23.25
€2 Gold 25.75

What is a 2002 50 euro cent made of?

50 Euro Cent (2002-Present) It’s made of brass and tends to hold its brilliance a tad longer than the copper-plated steel 1, 2, and 5 euro cents once put into circulation. The 50 euro cent is valued at one half of a euro and is roughly the equivalent of the U.S. half dollar in terms of its spending power.

Are any 50 cent pieces worth anything?

“Guaranteed authentic and as described!” According to USA Coin Book, the 50-cent coin is worth $40 in average condition but can be valued at $4,160 or more in “Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition.”

What are rare $0.50 pieces?

Kennedy Half Dollar Rare Varieties & Errors

  • 1964 Proof Heavily Accented Hair. Numismatists believe this version of the 1964 proof Kennedy half dollar is the first to have been struck.
  • 1966 SMS No FG. The United States Mint ceased making proof sets and uncirculated sets in the mid-1960s.
  • 1966 SMS Doubled Die Obverse.

What is the most valuable Australian 50 cent coin?

2000 ‘incuse flag’ 50 cent coin It’s believed that there are only around 200,000 of these coins in public with a value of around $50.

What are 50 cent euro coins made of?

The 10 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent coins are made of Nordic gold, which is an alloy composed of 89% copper, 5% aluminum, 5% zinc, and 1% tin. The 5 cent, 2 cent and 1 cent coins are made of copper-covered steel.