How much is a dolphin Seabreacher?

How much is a dolphin Seabreacher?

How much do they cost? Price is different for each model and is primarily dependent on the available options chosen, as this adds to the base price, but they start at US$85,000. Please also note, the price may vary in other countries due to shipping costs (including duties and tax).

How much is a Seabreacher cost?

EVERY Seabreacher is different. With a price tag that begins at US$80,000, they are the exclusive domain of the very wealthy. Hence it is not surprising that every one is hand-built to the buyer’s exact specifications. Accordingly, the Seabreacher is a VERY personal Personal Watercraft.

How much is an Innespace seabreacher?

Innespace is currently selling custom-built Seabreachers with prices starting at USD$48,000. A more expensive customized version could include a tinted canopy, underwater viewports, electronics and instrumentation package and customized upholstery and will set you back approximately USD$68,000.

What is the fastest Seabreacher?

The Seabreacher X’s top speed is around 50 mph. It can skid above or dive below the water and uses its fins to turn on a dime. Special maneuvers include breaching and barrel rolls. Each model boasts an audio system and camera with which to pound the waves, blast Van Halen, and record fist pumps.

How much is a Dolphin submarine?

Speculation surrounds the role of the fleet of five Dolphin-class submarines, each costing some $500 million. A sixth is on order from the German manufacturer. Some analysts suggest these boats may be capable of launching nuclear missiles.

How deep can Seabreacher go?

Speaking of performance, the Seabreacher can dive 5-ft deep for short durations, leap 12 ft into the air, and do barrel rolls, among other tricks. “The X can do a 360° barrel roll, but you have to hit it at just the right speed, about 20 to 25 mph, otherwise the dorsal fin interferes,” says Innes.

Can a Seabreacher go under water?

The Seabreacher is only meant to dive just beneath the surface for brief durations. You typically do not go lower than 5-6 feet, and it will also depend on your level of experience as a pilot. Most people are under for about 5-10 seconds at a time, and almost always have a portion of the snorkel above the waterline.

Can a Seabreacher stay underwater?

As for underwater navigation, the Seabreacher is not totally submarine, but with a snorkel, it can stay underwater for a few seconds, less than 2 meters deep.

How deep can you go in a Seabreacher?

about five feet
Although the Seabreacher can work below the water’s surface, it’s really not a submarine. Maximum diving depth is about five feet and if you dive too low or too sharp, the boat will just pop back to the surface – any deeper and the engine will stall due to lack of air.

Is the Seabreacher gas or electric?

The craft carries a 14-gallon fuel tank (regular or premium), which lets it cruise at 5 mph on the surface all day, says Innes. But run it hard, and you’ll be out of gas in 3 hr. The Seabreacher pilot controls the fins and vectored thrust using a pair of control sticks and a set of pedals.

Is the Seabreacher a 2 seater?

Innespace Seabreacher (or Sea Breacher) is a two-seat semi-submersible personal watercraft “submarine”, with a shape based on that of a dolphin, and the ability to imitate a dolphin’s movement.

What is a Seabreacher?

This thing is called the SeaBreacher, and it’s designed to look and function like a dolphin flipping through the ocean. It’s a two-person boat/submarine hybrid that lets you both cruise around on top of the water, and dive down into the water, fully submerging the watercraft.

What is the top speed of the Seabreacher?

The SeaBreacher can reach speeds of up to 50+ mph on top of the water, and speeds of up to 20-25 mph while underwater. Other bits of information on the SeaBreacher Launched at regular boat ramps Designed to operate in salt water as well as fresh water

How deep can the Seabreacher go underwater?

Although the SeaBreacher is classified as a conventional inboard powerboat and not a submarine, the watercraft can still dive up to 5-6 feet underwater. The boat is only meant to stay underwater very briefly, so it’s not like the ego submarine where you can stay underwater and watch the sea life through a window.

What is the difference between the Seabreacher X and Y?

Our next model is the killer whale inspired Seabreacher Y, which also comes with the 260hp supercharged engine and has the same high performance capabilities as the X model. However, the Y model has more body modifications to give it a realistic killer whale appearance.