How old is Belinda Montgomery?

How old is Belinda Montgomery?

71 years (July 23, 1950)Belinda Montgomery / Age

Is Belinda Montgomery related to Elizabeth?

Elder sister of actor Lee Montgomery and Tannis G. Montgomery. Daughter of Cecil Montgomery. Not related to Elizabeth Montgomery or Robert Montgomery.

Is Belinda Montgomery married?

Jeff StillmanBelinda Montgomery / Spouse

Was Robert Montgomery in the Navy?

Robert Montgomery (/mɒntˈɡʌməri/; born Henry Montgomery Jr.; May 21, 1904 – September 27, 1981) was an American actor, director, and producer….Robert Montgomery (actor)

Robert Montgomery
Allegiance United States
Service/branch United States Navy
Years of service 1941–1946
Rank Lieutenant commander

What happened to Elizebeth Montgomery?

Elizabeth Montgomery, who charmed 1960s television viewers as a nose-twitching suburban sorceress married to a wary mortal in the Emmy Award-winning series “Bewitched,” died of cancer May 18 at her home in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Who played peg on the Virginian?

Belinda Montgomery
Belinda Montgomery: Peg Halstead Jump to: Photos (3)

Is Elizabeth Montgomery still living?

May 18, 1995Elizabeth Montgomery / Date of death

Is Robert Montgomery Jr still alive?

February 7, 2000Robert Montgomery Jr. / Date of death

How old is Elizabeth Montgomery today?

In March 1995, Montgomery was diagnosed with colon cancer. She died just eight weeks later on May 18, 1995, at age 62.

Is anybody from Bewitched still alive?

None of the main ‘Bewitched’ characters are still alive – except one. In addition to Dick Sargent and Dick York, Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha Stephens died after the series wrapped. Montgomery died in 1995 at age 62 from colorectal cancer. Bewitched was Agnes Moorehead’s last role.

Where is Elizabeth Montgomery?

How old is Robert Montgomery?

77 years (1904–1981)Robert Montgomery / Age at death

Were Endora and Maurice married?

Maurice is the warlock father of Samantha Stephens and Endora’s husband….Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop.

Biographical Information
Spouse Endora (separated)
Children Samantha Stephens (daughter)

What caused Joanna Moore’s death?

Lung cancerJoanna Moore / Cause of death

In 1996, Moore, a longtime smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer. On November 22, 1997, she died from the disease twelve days after her 63rd birthday. Her daughter Tatum was by her side at the time of her death.