How old is Tracy Byrd?

How old is Tracy Byrd?

55 years (December 17, 1966)Tracy Byrd / Age

Who wrote the song Keeper of the Stars?

Danny MayoKaren StaleyDickey Lee
The Keeper of the Stars/Composers

Who played Keeper of the Stars?

“The Keeper of the Stars” is a song written by Dickey Lee, Danny Mayo and Karen Staley, and recorded by American country music artist Tracy Byrd.

What year did Keeper of the Stars Come Out?

1994The Keeper of the Stars / Released

Is Tracy Byrd married?

Michelle ByrdTracy Byrd / Spouse (m. 1991)

Where is Clay Walker from?

Beaumont, TXClay Walker / Place of birth

Did George Strait sing the song Keeper of the Stars?

The Keeper of the Stars — George Strait |

Does Clay Walker have twins?

Before the release of his first single, Walker married a rodeo queen named Lori Jayne Lampson. They had two daughters: MaClay DaLayne, born on January 14, 1996, and Skylor ClayAnne, born on May 14, 1999.

Does Clay Walker have a house in Texas?

Clay Walker’s Texas beach house has been on the market since the summer of 2013 — he’s even dropped the price from the original asking, which was over $1 million. The coastal beauty is up for grabs for a ‘measly’ $995,000 in 2014.

Who is Clay Walker wife?

Jessica Craigm. 2007Lori Jayne Lampsonm. 1992–2003
Clay Walker/Wife
He married model Jessica Craig on September 28, 2007 and had four more children with her: a son named William Clayton, born August 5, 2008, and a daughter named Mary Elizabeth, born December 27, 2009. and two more sons Elijah Craig and Ezra Stephen, born November 4, 2017.

Who is Clay Walker Son?

Christiaan Michael WalkerEzra StephenWilliam ClaytonElijah Craig
Clay Walker/Sons

How many acres does Clay Walker own?

The house will sit on 200 acres of rolling hills in the Leipers Fork area, which has become quite an arts community over the past dozen years or so, and home to several others in the country-music world.