How polluted is the water in the Philippines?

How polluted is the water in the Philippines?

Out of more than one hundred million Filipinos, nine million rely on unsafe water supplies. In fact, water pollution in the Philippines and a lack of proper sewage kills 55 people every day.

What are the major water problem in the Philippines?

Although the country has sufficient amount of water resources, it was found out that water availability is still threatened by some major water resources problems: increasing water demand due to drastic growth in population, water resources pollution, droughts and flooding and weak institutional framework to address …

What is the most polluted lake in the Philippines?

Laguna de Bay
Serious pollution in a lake next to the mega-city of Manila is forcing a rethink by development planners to protect water quality and fish stocks. Laguna de Bay is the Philippines’ largest lake, and supplies Metro Manila’s 16 million people with a third of their fish.

Where is the most contaminated water in the Philippines?

Manila’s notorious Pasig River is one of the world’s most polluted rivers. Filipinos come together everyday raking out rubbish, trying to clear the waterway. These “river warriors” are a decade-old group of about 100 people, who began as volunteers but now receive a basic income from a local government.

Why water pollution is a problem in the Philippines?

Increased population, urbanization, agriculture and industrialization have all reduced the quality of water in the Philippines. According to WEPA, water pollution’s effects cost the Philippines approximately $1.3 billion annually.

What is the biggest pollution in the Philippines?

The two areas recording the highest levels of pollution in the Philippines are Meycauayan,in Central Luzon with a recorded figure of 100 US AQI and Bulacan, again inCentral Luzon with a figure of 138 US AQI.

How much is the water pollution in the Philippines?

approximately $1.3 billion annually
According to WEPA, water pollution’s effects cost the Philippines approximately $1.3 billion annually. The government continues to try to clean up the problem, implementing fines to polluters as well as environmental taxes, but many problems have not been addressed.

What causes pollution in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, coal-fired plants contribute a lion’s share to air pollution in host provinces, while vehicular emissions are the main culprit in the country’s urban centers.

What is effect of water pollution?

Effects of Pollution of Water It causes typhoid, cholera, hepatitis and various other diseases. Destruction of Ecosystems: Ecosystems are extremely dynamic and respond to even small changes in the environment. Water pollution can cause an entire ecosystem to collapse if left unchecked.