How to install Amx mod for CS 1. 6?

How to install Amx mod for CS 1. 6?

Installing AMX Mod X

  1. Go to and click “Downloads”.
  2. Extract the base package to your mod folder.
  3. Go back to the AMX Mod X download site.
  4. Extract the addon pack to the same place as before, it should simply add more files to your AMX Mod X installation.
  5. If you’re using FTP, upload the addons folder.

How do I add an admin to Amxx?

Adding an Admin

  1. Click on configuration files in the game server control panel.
  2. Click on configuration editor, next to: cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configssers.ini.
  3. Click the new admin button.
  4. Fill in the users SteamID or IP address.
  5. Enter a password if desired.
  6. Choose the desired access levels and connection flags.

How do I connect to cs1 6?

To join your server simply start up the computer you will be playing on. Start Steam and find ‘Servers’ click on favorites tab and add the IP address of you server to ‘add a server’ Don’t forget to add :27015 after you IP address.

How do I host a cs1 6 server?

Go to Start > Computerr. Browse to your CS 1.6 folder….These are the steps required to host your own server:

  1. Go to your Counter-strike’s file location.
  2. Double click on hlds (Half life dedicated Server).
  3. Set the game to Counter Strike, set the map, change the network to Internet.
  4. Hit Start Server.

What is the latest official version of AMX Mod?

We have released AMX Mod X 1.8.

How do I install Metamod plugins?

Normal Installation

  1. Download Metamod:Source.
  2. Extract the package to your game folder. For example, for Counter-Strike:Source, you would have cstrike/addons/metamod after extracting.
  3. Restart your server.
  4. Type “meta version” in your server console (or RCON).

What is Sourcemod and Metamod?

Sourcemod and Metamod:Source. Sourcemod Resources and Known Problems. Sourcemod is a plugin for source games that can add functionality like voting systems, minigames, and server utilities. Sourcemod requires Metamod to run. LinuxGSM includes a command that is able to install Sourcemod automatically.

How do I add an admin to my CS Go Server?


  1. Login to your server’s control panel.
  2. On the left-hand side, click Files > FTP File Access.
  3. Navigate to csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs/ and edit admins_simple.
  4. Find your Steam ID by following our guide found here (do note that you will need the “Steam ID”, not the “SteamID64”).

Where do I install SourceMod?

How to Install SourceMod and Metamod Print

  1. Create a folder on your PC and unzip both the Sourcemod and Metamod files you downloaded into that folder.
  2. Once unzipped into that folder, you will see two folders named “addons” and “cfg”.