How was the pear used?

How was the pear used?

This device, also called the pear of anguish, was reserved for women, homosexuals, and liars. Shaped like a ripe fruit, the Choke Pear was of intimate design—literally. Once inserted into the vagina, anus, or mouth, the device (which had four sharp metal “leaves”) was cranked open.

What was the Judas cradle used for?

A purported torture device by which the suspended victim’s orifice was slowly impaled on and stretched by the pyramidal tip of the ‘seat’.

Did they use the pear of anguish on men?

Medieval torture devices were even created specifically for men and women, one such medieval torture device that was invented to be used exclusively for torturing women was the Pear of Anguish.

When was the Brazen Bull last used?

The device is claimed to have still been in use two centuries later, when another Christian, Pelagia of Tarsus, is said to have been burned in one in AD 287 by the Emperor Diocletian. The Catholic Church discounts the story of Saint Eustace’s martyrdom as “completely false”.

What’s a lead sprinkler?

Lead Sprinkler Also referred to as the “holy water sprinkler”, the sadistic concoction inside was often used to sprinkle molten lead on the victim’s eyes and face. The rest of the description is in the picture.

What is Crocodile shears?

An alligator shear, historically known as a lever shear and sometimes as a crocodile shear, is a metal-cutting shear with a hinged jaw, powered by a flywheel or hydraulic cylinder.

Why was the inventor of the Brazen Bull killed?

Phalaris himself is claimed to have been killed in the brazen bull when he was overthrown by Telemachus, the ancestor of Theron. Pindar, who lived less than a century afterwards, expressly associates this instrument of torture with the name of the tyrant Phalaris.

What is a tongue tearer?

The tongue tearer was a torture device often used to silence people who committed blasphemy or heresy. The victim’s mouth would first be forced open. Then, the tongue tearer would be clamped onto the victim’s tongue; the screw at the back would be tightened to make sure the grip on the tongue was firm.