Is BLACKPINK releasing a new song 2022?

Is BLACKPINK releasing a new song 2022?

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait much longer for the girls to make another comeback because their new album is coming out sometime in 2022. After two years of not releasing music together, BLACKPINK said they’re finally ready to get back into the swing of things.

When was BLACKPINK’s last song?

In June 2020, Blackpink released “How You Like That” as a pre-release single from the group’s debut Korean studio album The Album. The song peaked at number one on the Gaon Digital Chart and debuted at number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100.

What is the upcoming song of BLACKPINK?

All members, with the exception of Jisoo, have released solo music — Jennie with “Solo” in 2018, Rosé with “Gone” and “On the Ground” in March 2021 and Lisa with “Lalisa” and “Money” in September 2021. See the teaser for BLACKPINK’s 2022 Welcoming Collection below.

Is BLACKPINK going to release a new song?

BLACKPINK’s forthcoming project will mark the first new music from the girl group in over a year and a half. Their most recent release as a group was their first studio album ‘THE ALBUM’, which had dropped in October 2020 alongside its lead single ‘Lovesick Girls’.

Did Rose leave BLACKPINK?

Rosé is not leaving Blackpink behind. She’s not even the first member to release a solo effort (bandmate Jennie previously released the aptly titled “Solo” in 2018), nor will she likely be the last. In fact, solo efforts among K-pop acts are pretty common.

What are Rosé fans called?

But to each other (and their fans, known as BLINKs), BLACKPINK’s members are just four girls chasing their dreams. “We just clicked,” Rosé told Billboard in 2019 about her friendship with Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa.

Who is Unnie in Blackpink?

Known as the unnie (big sister) of the group, 25-year-old Jisoo was born in Sanbon, Gunpo city in the Gyeonggi-do province in South Korea. She lived with her parents, sister, brother, and grandparents.

What does Jisoo call Lisa?

Nallalisa is a nickname for Blackpink Lisa along with Jolisa (when Lisa cooks), and Kokki Lisa, made by Blackpink Jisoo. Nallalisamang (날라리사망) is a contact name for Blackpink Lisa used by Blackpink Jisoo on her phone. Eehee is Blackpink Lisa’s catchphrase.