Is Boxer good family dog?

Is Boxer good family dog?

Boxers can be good family dogs, especially when they are trained and socialized from a young age. However, the exuberance and tendency to jump in untrained boxers might be too much around young children. Are boxers aggressive? Boxers are typically very loving and affectionate with their families.

What is a Boxer dog known for?

In spite of their heritage as powerful and courageous hunters, one of the modern breed’s most appealing traits is a tremendous love for their humans and a need to be loved in return. A Boxer is happiest when he’s with his family, especially children. He’s protective and patient with kids and makes an ideal family dog.

Which is better Boxer or Labrador?

Both boxers and Labrador retrievers have been kept as loving family pets for generations, and both are considered to be good with children. These breeds are similar in size, energy level, but the boxer can be more protective.

How old do boxer dogs usually live to?

On average, boxer dogs only live for about 10.5 years and have an expected range of 9 to 12 years. According to AllBoxerInfo, boxers have high cancer rates and heart problems. It is pretty rare to see a boxer dog live into their teens. However, all of the boxer dogs on this list, lived well into their teen years.

How old was the oldest boxer dog ever?

Maccabee – 16 years,9 months Maccabee is the oldest known Boxer to have ever lived. He was owned by Jessica Kolis and they lived in Northern California.

  • Brewski – 16 years,5 months,28 days Brewski also reached the ripe old age of 16 years but was a few months younger than Maccabee when he died
  • Cece – 16 years,4 months,22 days
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  • What is the average life span of a boxer dog?

    The average life span of a Boxer is from 10 to 12 years. Boxers are prone to certain health problems, as listed below. If you plan to get a boxer dog or already have one, pay particular attention to the following potential health threats to this dog breed and take necessary precautions.