Is Canada going to change its flag?

Is Canada going to change its flag?

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 is National Flag of Canada Day, marking 57 years since the Maple Leaf first flew on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 15th, 1965!

Is changing the Canadian flag illegal?

The dimensions/proportions of the National Flag of Canada have an exact ratio of 2 to 1 (twice as long as it is wide), and must not be modified. The National Flag of Canada should not be written on or marked in any way, nor be covered by other objects.

What does the new Canadian flag look like?

Canada’s national flag features a vertical triband in the colors of red and white. There are two red vertical bands on the hoist and fly sides, and one white band down the center. The white band in the center is wider than the red bands on either side. The color red is used to symbolize prosperity and hope.

Why did Canada want a new flag?

Opposition leader John Diefenbaker demanded that the flag honour Canada’s “founding races” and feature the Union Jack. Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson insisted on a design that conveyed allegiance to Canada while avoiding colonial association. A prolonged, heated debate ensued.

What do the 11 points on the Canadian flag mean?

Did you know? The original design for the maple leaf on the National Flag of Canada had 13 points. This design was hard to recognize as a maple leaf when seen from a distance or floating in windy conditions, so it was changed to its current 11-point design to improve the clarity of the symbol.

What was Canada’s old flag?

Both before and after Confederation in 1867, Canada used the United Kingdom’s Royal Union Flag, commonly known as the Union Jack. The Royal Union Flag was used across British North America and in Canada even after Confederation (1867) until 1965.

Where can I buy the Canadian native flag?

The Flag Shop is pleased to be the manufacturer and exclusive supplier of the Canadian Native Flag designed by Curtis Wilson. The Canadian Native Flag products are available at all of our 11 retail stores across Canada.

When was the new Canadian flag designed?

John Matheson took the time to write to George Stanley in the early hours of December 15, 1964, to inform him that his design had just been selected as the new National Flag of Canada. Matheson’s original note to Stanley on the selection of his flag design, 1964. © Laurie C. C. Stanley-Blackwell.

What is the Canadian flag made out of?

While it was officially a naval flag used by Canadian ships starting in the 1890s, the Canadian Red Ensign — a combination of the Union Jack and the shield of Canada — had been used unofficially both at sea and on land since the 1870s and was widely recognized as a national symbol.

Why did they change the Maple Leaf on the Canadian flag?

While Stanley’s design was selected to become Canada’s new National Flag, the maple leaf had to be changed, because the 13-point maple leaf lost its detail when seen from far. The leaf was redesigned with 11 points by graphic artist Jacques St-Cyr.