Is Cerberus evil Mass Effect 2?

Is Cerberus evil Mass Effect 2?

Through this framing, Mass Effect 2 makes your eventual partnership with Cerberus seem like a necessary evil, but in reality, by working with Cerberus, Shepard lends them the legitimacy they need to bring further destruction and pain to the galaxy.

How do you unlock Mass Effect 2 DLC?

The upshot:

  1. Get the game from Steam or Origin.
  2. Download the DLC from to the directory it was installed.
  3. Run all the DLC installers.
  4. Run ME2Game.exe.
  5. Exit the game.
  6. Run giveme2entitlements_v2.exe.

What is Mass Effect 2 Cerberus?

Mass Effect 2: Side Missions Cerberus had performed horrific tests on children kidnapped from poor human families around the galaxy or bought from batarian slavers. The fruits of these experiments were used to augment Jack’s abilities.

How did liara get Shepard’s body?

Liara swore to save Feron one day, but for now, Shepard’s remains needed her the most. While Liara is hardly an ally of Cerberus, she trusted them more than the Shadow Broker or the Collectors. She willingly passed the body and its capsule to Miranda Lawson, though with slight misgivings.

How did Shepard not burn up?

His gravitational mass is not dense enough to reenter the atmosphere, no human body has enough mass to unless shot at terminal velocity, instead his body re-entered the upper layers of the planets atmosphere and he orbited the planet’s own gravitational well.

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