Is Dana and Spicer the same?

Is Dana and Spicer the same?

Spicer® is a Dana brand name—it’s the brand name Dana uses for their axle and driveshaft products.

Is Moog or Spicer better?

Frankly, there’s a very simple answer: If you drive a Jeep, I recommend you to go for Spicer joints. This specific U joint is the absolute best replacement part you can get for virtually all Jeep models. For most other vehicles – and especially light trucks or commuter cars, MOOG are an affordable and optimal solution.

Does Spicer make good U-joints?

Spicer® parts from Dana are trusted around the world for their high performance and outstanding durability, and now Spicer brings you their toughest u-joint yet: the Spicer® Extreme™ u-joint. These u-joints can take any off-roading punishment you can dish out – they’re virtually indestructible!

Are Spicer u-joints made in the USA?

The description clearly states it is made in the USA. Upon arrival today I received a CHINA u joint. I called spicer to confirm where the u joint was made and they stated China!

Are Spicer U joints made in USA?

Are Spicer U joints made in the USA?

Are Spicer U-joints made in the USA?

How are Spicer U-joints measured?

We recommend using a caliper or micrometer to most accurately measure u-joints. Once you have recorded your measurements, click on the images below to select the appropriate style of u-joint you have. You will then be directed to The Expert to identify your u-joint kit by the dimensions you recorded.

Is MOOG made in China?

After a search of our Moog inventory, we found out that Moog makes their parts everywhere from Japan… and of course, the United States of America.

How do I know what size U-joint I have?

You measure from the outer side of the lock ring groove side to side. This gives you the width of the joint lock. You still need to measure the overall width of the joint to make sure it is compatible with the bolt-on yoke.