Is DKB bank safe?

Is DKB bank safe?

DKB uses the infrastructure of Bayerische Landesbank to provide a secure service. Beyond password protection across all bank accounts,the DKB app offers fingerprint login and verification options for online payments.

Is DKB a credit card?

The DKB credit card is only available in a bundle with the free DKB current account. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular credit cards in Germany. This is not least due to the good conditions: no annual fee, free withdrawals worldwide and simple billing.

Is DKB same as Deutsche Bank?

Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) is the second-largest Direct bank in Germany with 4.5 million customers, fully owned by the Bayerische Landesbank….Deutsche Kreditbank.

Industry Bank Insurance
Parent BayernLB

How do I deposit money into DKB?

Due to multiple customer request, the DKB has upgraded and converted their own ATMs from the sole withdrawal feature to withdrawals and deposits. The depositing of cash is possible using the Girocard (former EC-card).

What is DKB cash account?

In the world of online banking, Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) was a pioneer. Launched as the first internet bank without branches in 2000, DKB is the forerunner to much more recent online challenger banks such as N26, Vivid Money and Tomorrow.

Is DKB account free?

If interested in a DKB bank account, a chief benefit to consider is that it is completely free to set up and maintain. There is no sign-up fee and no ongoing management fees for keeping the account open. There is also no minimum amount that you need to deposit into your DKB account.

Can I deposit cash in DKB?

What is DKB cash?

DKB, also known as Deutsche Kredit Bank, is a well-known digital bank in Germany. Its four accounts come with a range of perks, from free Euro ATM withdrawals to zero monthly account fees.

Which German bank is free?

Norisbank Top-Girokonto. As the direct banking branch of Deutsche Bank, norisbank offers a no fee bank account that comes with a Girocard, mobile app with an English interface and a Couples account option.

How do I open a DKB account?

Complete the Online Application

  1. Step 1 : Open the Online Application. In order to open a DKB bank account, you need to fill up the online application form at the website.
  2. Step 2 : Enter your details.
  3. Step 3 : Provide Employment Details.
  4. Step 4 : Privacy Policy and Terms.
  5. Step 5 : Confirm and Submit.

Can I open a DKB account from abroad?

You do not have to be a German resident or even a European resident to open a DKB Bank account in Germany. DKB bank allows you to open a non-resident bank account from outside Germany. In fact DKB bank encourages and provides a simplified process of opening a German bank account as a non-resident.

Is the DKB Visa card a credit card?

The DKB Visa Card is a true credit card. That means: besides the current account, you can dispose of a separate credit card account with an own (additional) credit line. All transactions of the credit card – card payments, as well as cash withdrawals (!) – are gathered on the credit card account up to one month without interest.

What is the interest rate on the DKB account?

The interest provided on the account is currently at 0.20% interest rate, which is above the national average interest rate provided by banks in Germany. DKB provides you interest on the balance maintained on your credit card account* for Active Customers. Therefore, this account can be used as an overnight deposit account (Tagesgeldkonto).

What is the product portfolio of DKB?

The focus of the performance of the DKB is currently the DKB Cash checking account that is managed for private and freelance clients. For further product portfolio of the Bank is also financing of real estate and the granting of personal loans. A free VISA credit card is provided along with the DKB Cash account.

Can I open a DKB bank account from outside Germany?

They have become stricter in opening a new bank account recent, it is still possible to have a DKB bank account from outside Germany if you are a German citizen living outside Germany, or you are a resident of one of the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).